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Commercial Backup Generator

Commercial Backup Generator

Backup power generator for business

Inoplex backup generators provide reliable, cost-effective standby power for your home or business, for one hour or all year round. A

Worried about lost productivity during power outs at your business? Losing power to your business, even for a few hours, can mean significant losses in production and revenue, as well as missed deadlines, spoiling stock, and unhappy customers. A commercial standby generator offers the peace of mind that your business will never be left without a reliable source of electricity.

Speak to the team at Inoplex about a customised commercial backup generator solution for your business.

Cost Effective Backup
Generation Solutions.

Inoplex are experts at providing practical, cost effective electricity generation solutions for a huge range of applications across Australia.

What are the benefits of a backup generator for business?

  • A commercial generator can cope with large power generation requirements such as those needed in manufacturing, industrial, and data centres.
  • The auto-start feature quickly restores the power supply to the property – which means you don’t have to be on-premise to turn it on, protecting your business at night, across the weekend, and when you’re away.
  • The standby generator can be used to power your whole property or just for critical systems like lighting, refrigeration, security systems, air conditioning, computers, medical equipment, etc.
  • Security system failure can leave your business and stock vulnerable to break-ins during power outs which shut down your alarm and surveillance systems. The generator supplied power can ensure you’re protected 24/7.
  • Generators can be used for all types of businesses – retail, hotels, restaurants, workshops, offices, supermarkets, banks, medical centres, schools, farms, and more.

How much does a commercial generator cost?

There are several factors which will determine the cost of your commercial generator. We recommend getting a quote from a backup power specialist which takes all these factors into consideration and creates a customised solution to meet your power needs. 

Size – choosing the right size generator is crucial to ensure it can cope with the electricity requirements of your business. More information on generator sizing below.

Cost – both installation and ongoing costs such as maintenance requirements, repairs and sourcing replacement parts when necessary need to be considered.

Fuel – the varied selection of fuel options to run the standby generator means there’s an option for all applications. Each option has advantages and disadvantages which need to be looked at.

  • Diesel – pros – easy to source, efficient, cost effective, will operate in colder climates
  • Petrol – pros – easy to source, cost effective, cons – storage can be challenging as it is flammable and can go off after a period
  • LPG – pros – will keep indefinitely, clean burning, cons – can be expensive
  • Natural gas – pros – unlimited supply, no need to store, affordable, cons – uses more fuel than other options
  • Biogas – pros – environmentally sustainable renewable energy, cheap to run, cons – not all businesses will have access to an ongoing source of biogas.

How do you size a commercial backup generator

The commercial generator sizing will depend on what you wish to provide electricity for. Do you wish to power your entire property including large machinery or just the essential systems? Reviewing your recent power bills will give you an indication of your usage which will guide sizing decisions. If your business is variable or has busy and quiet periods go back a few billing periods to get a clear picture of the average electricity use.

Make sure you choose a standby generator which will be able to replace the power supply for your business running at peak operation, power outs can happen at any time of the day or night.

The Inoplex team can provide you with a specific generator size recommendation to suit your particular power requirements. 

How does a commercial generator work?

A backup generator can remove your businesses reliance on mains power by creating an independent power source by using an engine to produce the electricity for your business. The generator can continue producing power for as long as you need it, whether that is an hour or a week.

The genset system monitors your electricity supply and triggers the generator when a loss is detected. The backup generator is connected directly to the power supply of your premises to enable it to quickly replace the mains power supply during an outage.

Thought needs to be given to the fuel choice for your generator especially if you could need it for longer periods as some fuel is easier to source and store than others.

Inoplex backup generator for business

The Inoplex backup generator is easy to maintain, no specialist technician needed, offers load management, the generator produces the electricity you need and will vary production as required.

Our team can help with all aspects of your commercial backup generator set up from professional advice on choosing the perfect generator for your business to installing the genset and answering any questions you have before, during, and after setup.

Never run out of electricity again, contact our team at 0448 307 282 or complete our commercial backup generator quote request form today.