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Landfill Gas Electricity Generation

Landfill Gas Electricity Generation

Need an efficient Landfill Gas to Electricity Plant?

Are you responsible for a Landfill? Is it capturing biogas that you then burn off for carbon credits? Why not use this to generate electricity as well; either for your council offices etc or to feed back into the grid for a credit. What better way to show your green energy credentials.

Looking for a Landfill Gas to Electricity Plant?

Inoplex are experts at landfill gas electricity generation. Our biogas generators are industry-leading and can create power when our competitors can’t.

Benefits of Landfill Gas Electricity Generation

Biogas Flare

As I’m sure you’re well aware, there are carbon credits available for capturing and burning off your landfill gas. Essentially by burning off your landfill gas you are converting methane, a potent greenhouse gas, to the less damaging carbon dioxide. For doing this the government will give you carbon credits.

But did you know that this gas doesn’t have to be burned off with the use of flares? You can burn it off in a combustion engine, like the Inoplex Biogas Engine, to generate electricity with. So not only are you still getting the carbon credits, but you are either providing for your own electricity needs or feeding electricity back into the grid for more credits.

Not to mention the Green Energy credits that may also be available.

Why don’t you convert your Landfill Gas to Electricity?

So while it seems obvious that you should be burning off your landfill gas by generating electricity, a lot of landfills don’t. Why is this?

The common answer we get to this, is that the quality of the landfill gas can be quite low. Therefore, quite often the biogas generators can’t run and generate electricity, so it needs to be flared anyway. Not to mention the damage low quality landfill gas can do to most biogas engines.

Inoplex Landfill Gas Generators run when others don’t

Inoplex is quite unique in that we view the biogas engine as a consumable product. Rather than using a high quality, expensive biogas engine that you don’t want to risk by running at low biogas levels, we use an efficient, low cost option. This means you can run it at low levels, even if it’s running rough, knowing that if it finally breaks down you can easily fix it or replace it at a low cost.

The more you can run the landfill gas to electricity plant, the more electricity you generate and the more you save (or make). The Inoplex biogas generator can run at methane levels as low as 45%.

So if you’re already collecting landfill gas to flare off and are wondering if you can generate electricity with it, get in contact.