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Biomass Energy

What is Biomass Energy Generation?

Traditionally biomass was considered waste from plants, such as wood waste and bagasse (sugar cane fibres) which was burnt to generate heat for power generation. However, now the definition of biomass has been expanded to include animal waste and their byproducts and even general waste (Landfill Gas). So biomass energy generation is simply the process of turning this biomass into electricity.

Looking for a Biomass Energy Power Plant?

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Biomass Energy from Anaerobic Digesters

Anaerobic Digesters are used to convert animal and food waste into biogas. It does this through the use of bacteria which digests the biomass and in the process create biogas. In fact, this is pretty much the same process our digestion system works. We then use the biogas to generate electricity.

There are 2 main types of Anaerobic Digesters:

  1. Covered Effluent Ponds – Common examples of these are in Piggeries, Dairies or Abattoirs where the effluent runs off into settling ponds which are covered and anaerobic digestion encouraged.
  2. Anaerobic Digestion Tanks – These are like fermentation tanks and can be controlled with heating and cooling.
Covered Effluent Pond

Biomass Energy from Landfill Gas

Landfills have a high percentage of organic waste (biomass) which naturally generates biogas as it breaks down. By covering the landfill and capturing this biogas, we can use it to generate biomass energy.

Find out more about Landfill as Electricity Generation.

Biomass Energy Power Plant

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