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Biogas Engine

Biogas Engine

Bio-gas engine manufacturers

Inoplex biogas engine solves many of the problems encountered by other bioenergy systems. The Inoplex design and development process has focused on producing an engine which can cope with biogas consisting of low levels of methane and still function effectively. This makes it a more flexible green energy generation solution for varied applications across Australia.

Looking for viable Biogas solution?

Inoplex are Australian biogas engine manufacturers, creating market-leading biogas generators that run when our competitors’ won’t.

The varying quality of biogas means that some bioenergy generators won’t work effectively, if at all, when methane levels are low. 

Biogas consists of methane and carbon dioxide, with smaller levels of hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, ammonia, siloxanes, and water. Being a product produced using a natural, and therefore variable, commodity levels of methane and other components can vary considerably.

To ensure the viability of the plant, maximum levels of efficiency need to be maintained for as much of the operating time as possible. When using other fuels such as diesel or natural gas a consistent quality of fuel can be maintained, however, the quality of biogas varies due to the levels of methane produced by the manure or organic material. 

This natural process varies due to many factors including: 

  • temperature in fermenter
  • water content
  • nutrient content
  • pH value
  • carbon to nitrogen ratio of organic materials

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Inexpensive engine replacement

Inoplex biogas engine development also prioritised the need to provide customers with a system that could be upgraded, repaired, or replaced easily, locally, and comparatively inexpensively. 

Our design team chose to use a simple re-engineered 6 cylinder Ford engine in our bioenergy systems which means your local mechanic can provide repairs and servicing, and replacement parts are easily sourced from anywhere in Australia. 

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Inoplex biogas engine manufacturers

If you’re looking for a viable biogas solution for your business speak to our team on 0448 307 282 or complete our online biogas engine enquiry form today.

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