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Natural Gas Powered Generator

Versatile, reliable power

An Inoplex cogenerator using natural gas is a practical, reliable, energy efficient backup power or everyday power generation option for many urban and country residential buildings and businesses. Using cogeneration for residential and commercial applications can solve many of the power generation and heat requirements for buildings, businesses, houses, and commercial facilities.

Looking for Cogeneration?

If you need “Combined Heat and Power” Generation, Inoplex can help. Our Cogenerators use industry leading technology to generate heat and power when you need it.

Practical uses for gas powered cogeneration

Cogeneration power equipment has been utilised across Australia to provide power and heat for properties which have the option of mains electricity or other heating alternatives because it presents a solidly reliable energy source and removes the dependence on the sometimes unreliable, power grid. 

In towns, cities or country areas which experience frequent power outages, a natural gas-powered generator can offer assurance that you’ll never be stranded without electricity or heat again.

Reliable power – anywhere

Cogeneration using natural gas can be utilised for a huge range of uses in almost any operation including:

  • Pools and aquatic centres – to heat the pool water or buildings as well as power the pump and chlorinator equipment
  • Residential apartment buildings – standby generator or alternative to grid electricity, as well as water heating or space heating.
  • Hotels and apartment buildings – backup generator as well as water and building heating requirements
  • Office buildings – reliable power, especially important for data centres 
  • Factories – advanced load following allows varying power requirements

Natural gas generators for power outages

Installing a natural gas generator reduces reliance on utility power, protecting your property from power outs and the associated expense. The highly efficient inverter generator runs only when you need it in an emergency until power is restored or all the time as a substitute for costly grid power. 

The Inoplex cogenerator can be customised to produce electricity and heat in any way that your property needs it.

Benefits of cogeneration using natural gas

  • Reliable back up power during power outs
  • Decrease your building or businesses greenhouse gas emissions
  • Natural gas is an accessible fuel source for many residential and commercial buildings throughout much of the urban area of Australia.
  • Generator size can be customised for the CHP needs.
  • Incredibly efficient power and heat generation the cogenerator utilises around 92% of the fuel.

Your local cogeneration specialists

Speak to the experienced team at Inoplex about utilising natural gas powered cogeneration in your residential building or business at 0448 307 282 or complete our online cogeneration enquiry form today.