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Backup Generator


Reliable, cost-effective backup
generator Australia.

Inoplex backup generators provide reliable, cost-effective standby power for your home or business, for one hour or all year round. A consistent, dependable power source is essential for many homes and businesses across Australia. The Inoplex inverter generators can operate in conjunction with grid power or as a standby generator during power outs as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Speak to our team about ensuring your home or business is ever without electricity today.

Cost Effective Backup
Generation Solutions.

Inoplex are experts at providing practical, cost effective electricity generation solutions for a huge range of applications across Australia.

Why install a backup power generator?

Modern homes and businesses rely on consistent, stable electricity supply to keep essential systems running during periods of grid failure. Dependable electricity is crucial to preserve stock, keep your business operations on track and remove the risk of income loss due to unavoidable downtime. 

Reliable power is fundamental to:

  • Maintain security systems
  • Lighting and emergency lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioners – heating and cooling
  • Fire systems
  • Water heating 
  • Computer equipment, servers, and data centres
  • Pumps and water treatment systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Communication equipment

Benefits of using an emergency backup generator

  • Standby generators can help your home and business avoid issues caused by peak power demand management voltage slumps or power brownouts.
  • Back up power generators are ideal for those in areas of unreliable electricity such as rural or end of line locations. 
  • They also provide an essential source of alternate clean power for properties in areas susceptible to damaging storms, bushfires or cyclones which can leave towns without power for days or even weeks.
  • A backup genset is useful for homes living off-grid and using solar power as their main source of electricity. The generator can be set to automatically start once solar power generation drops below a predetermined level or when battery power drops too low.
  • An emergency backup generator offers 24/7 protection for your business operations.
  • Inoplex backup generators can use a variety of fuel options including natural gas, liquid propane (LPG), and diesel.
  • Your backup generator sizing can be customised to suit the requirements of your property’s electrical system.
  • The standby power system can be fitted to specific appliances or machinery or to your mains power system to provide ongoing power or to only be used for a few hours or a week. 
  • Our backup generators can be used to secure the power supply targets of commercial buildings, data centres, hospitals, council offices, etc.

Automatic power generators

Automatically starts in the event of a grid power-out or another event which leads to electricity loss. No need to worry about losing power while you are on holidays or away from your home or business as you don’t have to be on the premises to turn it on or off. The automatic transfer switch (ATS) can switch your homes power supply from the grid to the standby generator in seconds. 

Back up home generators

Our team will ensure your home generator system is large enough to cope with your electricity needs without wasting power. We’ll ensure the standby genset is large enough to cope with your complete electrical needs, from the lounge room light to the ducted air conditioning system. 

Invest in a top-quality standby generator

Many people have cheap imported diesel generators which are designed to run for a maximum of a few hundred hours during periods of utility power loss. After which many systems fail requiring repairs or a complete replacement. Inoplex backup generators are designed to run 8,760 hours per year and will start automatically when the grid is off after a period of blackout.

Our inverter technology allows us to run the generators with the grid, and during a grid failure, to provide constant power as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Inverter generators can vary the power output to suit the electrical needs of your home or business at various stages of the day or night. 

Inoplex offers a range of backup generator solutions including:

Your local backup generator specialists

Speak to the team at Inoplex about a reliable, cost-effective backup power generator for your home or business at 0448 307 282 or complete our online backup generator enquiry form today.