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Renewable waste to energy solutions.

Creating renewable energy from biomass and biogas using our class leading gensets in your own microgrid. Save on your energy costs with our waste to energy technology.

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Clean, Reliable And EFFICIENT Energy.

Gensets & Cogeneration

Industry leading technology that allows our Genset Cogeneration power plants to respond to your actual electricity and heat requirements. Our Power Electronics load follow both electricity and heat usage, allowing us to change the CHP Engine settings accordingly. By using an Inverter Generator, we can not only run at variable speeds, but generate clean electricity.


Inoplex has a range of solutions for Biogas Power Generation. Our standard biogas power plant uses a low cost engine that we have adapted. This not only keeps service costs down, but makes it easy and affordable to replace the engine when the corrosive nature of biogas inevitably damages the engine. Did we mention we’re local as well? If you would like to know more about biogas power generation and how it can assist you, contact us today.

Biomass Power

Convert your biomass into usable renewable energy to power your business. Realise the potential in your waste to provide your business or operations with a reliable and carbon neutral method of producing electricity. Inoplex are experts at providing energy solutions for Biomass applications and we can ensure a well crafted and tailored approach for your specific business requirements. Biomass is capable of bringing a renewable source of energy to business across Australia.

efficient and rugged durability.

Generators designed for longevity through high-calibre engineering.

Engineered to precision and proudly Australian, our generators range in size from 30kw to 2mw (2000kw) designed to suit your business needs as required. Our unique inverter technology is designed to boost efficiency and reliability through practical engineering. Our generator technologies are highly developed and make use of only the optimal materials and parts ranging from electronics to fabrication. This ensures a generator that is reliable and high-performance.

Inoplex generators are designed to run on a variety of fuels such as biogas, syngas, hydrogen, LPG and propane. Our generator technology is highly flexible and durable so no matter your type, quality or quantity of fuel we can ensure a product that will efficiently adapt to your business needs.

We have spent decades mastering our generator technologies and can offer a product that remains affordable yet high quality. Explore our generators below today.

What We’re ALL about.

Harnessing the value in organic wastes.

We can help you make the most of your waste and generate a reliable source of electricity for your business. There are huge opportunities for businesses to take advantage of Bioenergy to improve their business profitability and reduce their carbon foot print.

Inoplex are experts in converting waste to energy for a wide range of businesses and industries. Our technology has been tried and tested in a range of applications and performs effectively over the long term, from large scale farms to smaller sized commercial buildings. Inoplex products can be relied upon for their efficiency and reliability from years of practical and technological experience. We have decades of experience in the water, waste and energy industries and are well suited to deliver a tailored energy solution that works for your business.

Problems We’re solving…

Inoplex are using market-leading technology that allows you to generate power from a wide range of Biogas and Biomass qualities. When you think of green energy, most people will think of solar and wind. But if your business generates waste, you should be considering Biogas or Biomass power generation.

– Clean Energy

Bioenergy is a renewable clean energy generated from biomass or biogas. Our mature and tested technology is capable of greatly reducing green house gases and producing a minimal about of emissions that can also be captured and activated for use in another channel. Inoplex inverters also produce perfectly synchronised clean power regardless of the Genset or fuel operating conditions. 

– Reliable Energy 

Our decades of experience in waste to energy has allowed us to develop technologies that are reliable and dependable. Produce a renewable source of electricity for your business and have piece of mind that your Genset product will be producing a reliable base-load power for your business and operations. Our energy solutions have been proven to provide a reliable energy for business of all sizes and are easily scalable depending on your business requirements. 

– Efficient Energy

Our technology has been established over years of development with a focus on efficiency. Our products are well engineered with an emphasis on high performance balanced with longevity. You can expect your energy solution to provide your operation with efficient power to meet your demands wether your a large scale business or small. 

recent case studies

what we’ve been up to

Innovative Victorian Dairy

The utilisation of bioenergy solutions on this dairy farm demonstrates Inoplex’s ability to provide biogas solutions no matter the size or type of farm. We used both waste from dairy cows and canola crops to go off-grid.

CHP Genset Solution for Piggery

A second Piggery located in Northern Victoria is running the Inoplex Combined Heat and Power Generators. Illustrating our ability to provide a total embedded power and thermal turn-key solution.

Kia-Ora Piggery

A Decade ago, powering an intensive farm and its enterprises using pig pee and poo might have seemed out of this world. But pig farmer Tom Smith and Inoplex owner Brendan Mason have done just this.



At Inoplex we take sustainability very seriously. We’ve developed our genset cogeneration system to ensure we don’t negatively impact on the environment, society and economically. We’re experts in our field and leading the industry in solving water, waste and energy issues.

Australian Bioenergy Projects and Growth in 2018.

Australian Bioenergy Projects and Growth in 2018.

In 2018 an impressive 21% of electricity generated in Australia was from renewable sources. However, bioenergy only scores a small 7.1% of the country’s renewable electricity generation accounting for 1.5%…

Utilising the Food Waste From Cheese Making for Green Energy.

Utilising the food waste from cheese making for green energy.

Wensleydale Creamery, the famous Yorkshire cheese maker who produces Wensleydale Cheese has taken a big step towards sustainable energy and waste reduction by passing on the whey permeate, a byproduct from…

Waste Solutions,Creative Ways to End the Waste Crisis.

Waste Solutions, creative ways to end the waste crisis.

With the billions of people currently living in the world (around 7.7 billion at the last count), there is bound to be a little food waste…actually make that A LOT of food waste that results from close to 8…

Benefits of Using as Local Australian Company

Benefits of using a local Australian Company.

A well operating biogas power generation system can provide significant environmental and financial benefits for your business. However, the very best, most efficient biomass energy plant in the world can…