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Industry leading technology that allows our Cogeneration power plants
to respond to your actual electricity and heat requirements.

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need reliable heat and power?


Industry leading technology that allows our Cogeneration power plants to respond to your actual electricity and heat requirements. Our Power Electronics load follow both electricity and heat usage, allowing us to change the CHP Engine settings accordingly. By using an Inverter Generator, we can not only run at variable speeds, but generate clean electricity.


Inoplex has a range of solutions for Biogas Power Generation. Our standard biogas power plant uses a low cost engine that we have adapted. This not only keeps service costs down, but makes it easy and affordable to replace the engine when the corrosive nature of biogas inevitably damages the engine. Did we mention we’re local as well?


There is a wide range of industries that benefit from Inoplex energy solutions. Aside from the obvious industries that generate biomass waste that they convert to biogas; there are also industries that require reliable and clean electricity and heat. Our Inverter Generators provide high Power Factor electricity when you need it at a lower cost than from the grid.

the cogeneration engine.

Designed for low cost, easy maintenance.

Low cost engine, replaced as required. We have achieved 8,000 running hours. 300 ppm H2S tolerated with biogas dried to ground temperatures.

Compatible with an economical biological H2S scrubber. Automatic oil top up system minimises down time and operational costs. Simple, minimal cost maintenance by site staff or local mechanic with low cost service items.

The Inoplex CHP Engine can run on a variety of fuels, including Biogas, Natural Gas, LPG and Flare gas. 

When paired with our Inverter Generator it operates efficiently across a range of engine outputs. Up to 38% electrical efficiency has been achieved.


Localised Climate Positive Energy.

Does your business rely on stable, clean electricity? What about heat?  Maybe you generate organic waste that you dispose of by converting it to Biogas via Anaerobic Digestion.

Inoplex is a local manufacturer of CHP Engines that can run on Diesel, Gas or Biogas. Unlike a lot of other cogeneration technology, our systems can run at variable speed and have load following for both electricity and heat. This means we can run at lower qualities of Biogas and generate the electricity and heat you need when you need it.

Biogas Power Generation

Inoplex are using market-leading technology that allows you to generate power from a wide range of biogas qualities. When you think of green energy, most people will think of solar and wind. But if your business generates organic waste, you should definitely be considering biogas power generation.

Backup Generators

Inoplex backup generators provide reliable, cost-effective standby power for your home or business, for one hour or all year round. A consistent, dependable power source is essential for many homes and businesses across Australia. The Inoplex inverter generators can operate in conjunction with grid power or as a standby generator during power outs as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Bioenergy and Cogeneration

Biogas Power Generators and CHP Cogeneration systems can be used for a wide range of industries. If your business uses a reasonable amount of power, needs both heat and power, generates biogas or biomass organic waste, or simply needs clean, reliable power; Inoplex power specialists can help you.

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Innovative Victorian Dairy

The utilisation of bioenergy solutions on this dairy farm demonstrates Inoplex’s ability to provide biogas solutions no matter the size or type of farm. We used both waste from dairy cows and canola crops to go off-grid.

CHP Solution for Piggery

A second Piggery located in Northern Victoria is running the Inoplex Combined Heat and Power Generators. Illustrating our ability to provide a total embedded power and thermal turn-key solution.

Kia-Ora Piggery

A Decade ago, powering an intensive farm and its enterprises using pig pee and poo might have seemed out of this world. But pig farmer Tom Smith and Inoplex owner Brendan Mason have done just this.



At Inoplex we take sustainability very seriously. We’ve developed our cogeneration system to ensure we don’t negatively impact on the environment, society and economically. We’re experts in our field and leading the industry in solving water, waste and energy issues.

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