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Generator Exhaust Gas
Heat Exchangers

Exhaust gas heat exchangers are a highly efficient means of transferring the thermal energy in Genset exhausts into a hot water loop.
Gas Gensets typically have high exhaust temperers from 400 to 900 C and this produces high quality hot water heating.


Inoplex exhaust heat exchangers are designed and manufactured in Australia to meet Australian gas and pressure vessel standards.  So, you can be assured that it will work and be safe.  They are readily approved by gas inspector as part of an genset cogeneration system and able to withstand the forces involved in a gas explosion.

They are manufactured from a variety of materials to suit your operating conditions and fuel characteristics.  We commonly use stainless steel 316 to suit syngas from biomass and biogas from  organic wastes. Our shell and tube design is fully welded to eliminate the potential for leaking seals

Inoplex offers a standard design where exhaust gas through the inside and cooling water around the outside of a heat exchanger.  We also manufacture an innovative silencer heat exchanger that quietens the exhaust noise considerably and this has proven to be a popular option for those concerned about exhaust noise.

KW ElectricalExpected KW ThermalModel-Exhaust Straight ThoughModel – Muffled
Other sizes available upon request.  Please contact us and we can provide
a product selection to suite your specific project requirements.

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Are you interested in a heat exchanger project for your business? Inoplex are experts in the waste to energy industry and will work with your business to created a tailored approach for your operation.

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