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14 Pros of using Biomass

how it can help boost your business with renewable power.

Biomass has never been so important in our current climate, with a challenging and sometimes unstable grid power, businesses can no longer rely on mains electricity for a reliable source of renewable and cheap power. Biomass is the answer for a stable and mature technology capable of providing businesses with a renewable source of electricity. 

Does your business Produce waste?

A Biomass project may be right for you. We can help you utilise your waste and generate constant renewable power to provide your business with a stable source of energy so you can focus on running your business.

There’s more benefits than just self-sufficient and renewable power, here are 14 benefits of Biomass and Biogas:

1. It’s clean and renewable.

Biomass is a renewable energy generated from organic materials such as agriculture waste, wood and garbage. All of which are abundant and easily obtainable through different channels. The emissions from Biomass releases CO2, however the biomass sources instead of composting/decaying C02 into the atmosphere, the C02 is captured and utilised in other ways that benefit us further such as C02 enrichment in greenhouses to increase the yield of crops like tomatoes, lettuce and herbs. Learn more about hydrogen from biomass.

clean and renewable energy

2. Reduce your dependance on natural gas/LPG/propane and other fossil fuels.

Become self-sufficient and reliant for up to all of your current energy costs. Stop relying on energy companies and fossils fuels to impact how your business performs and bring your electricity generation in house with Biomass. Not only will you have a more reliable power source that’s costs a fraction of the price, you will also be having a smaller impact on the environment. Biomass is a convenient and safe method of generating electricity foremost many type of business.

3. Create a carbon neutral environment.

Biomass and Bioenergy is considered carbon neutral and therefore making a positive impact on our environmental footprint. The bioenergy is carbon neutral because of the carbon that is released during the combustion cycle is sequestered from the atmosphere. You will also be earning and eligible to sell carbon credits for your positive environmental impact.

Carbon neutral environment.

4. Reduce your waste and generate power.

Almost all of your waste from coffee grinds to plastic and wood, your waste will be treated in a highly considered and mature technology (Inoplex Cogenerator) that will generate a reliable cost effective way to power your business. You will be saving money on waste transportation and storage while also being able to utilise the end by-product of cogeneration which is Biochar. The power you generate will also be capable of powering all of your energy needs assuming enough Biomass.

5. On demand power when you need it.

Your Biomass Cogenerator will be available and ready as you need it and as your waste/biomass is created. Our smart technology is capable of managing its load and providing you with a stable long lasting energy output which you can trust to power your business.

6. Backup and secure power.

Your Biomass Cogeneration unit is also able to perform as a source of backup secure power for your business and operation. Your business is left to wether the costs of sometimes unstable and expensive grid power when you could be self-reliant and your own waste and biomass. Power outages and faults can no longer dictate your business performance and you can relax knowing your business is safely powered.

Reliable backup power server airport

7. Predictable power prices.

Having bill-shock from your power prices? The energy crisis in Australia is a long-term condition of our current climate. Exclude yourself from the record high electricity prices and save on your energy bills with a predictable and economical power source. Depending on your biomass quantity you could be powering your business 100% with bioenergy, even if that’s not possible it will still be saving you a large portion. 

8. Meet your greenhouse gas requirements (emission reduction)

Meet your government mandated green has gas emissions or reduce them significantly. Any business with a large output of green house gas emissions can afford to reduce their emissions. As the Australian government emphasises clean and greener energy with significant investment now is the time for your business participate in the movement with a Biomass/Bioenergy project.

9. Can produce biochar which increases soil fertility.

The by-product from our biomass cogeneration is biochar. A carbon rich material produced from the slow pyrolysis of your biomass. Biochar is an extremely effective agricultural application where it’s able to provide soil a carbon-rich additive and greatly improve nutrient retention. This can be extremely useful if you’re growing produce  to increase the fertility of your soil. Biochar can also be sold and is generally in high demand if there’s no direct use for it within your business.

Biochar by product and soil fertility

10. Produces concentrate hydrogen to employ or trade.

Biomass gasification technology isn’t anything new and it’s a simple process of controlled heat, steam and oxygen to convert your biomass in a variety of by-products, one of them being hydrogen. Hydrogen is an important renewable energy carrier in our climate and its potential spans every industry. The demand for hydrogen has increased exponentially and with good reason. The hydrogen generated from your biomass is burned in the Inoplex cogenerator as a highly efficient fuel and expels water as exhaust that can be reused.

11. Compact and easily implemented in small spaces.

The Inoplex Gasifier is a compact unit capable of heating large quantities of Biomass. When paired with the Inoplex Cogenerator the setup allows your business to be self-sufficient and generate your own electricity. Wether you’re a farmer or cafe the compact and professional gasifier and cogenerator will fit in a small space on your business site.

12. Large variety of biomass types and abundance or material.

Biomass is often thought of as wood and plant material, Inoplex isn’t just heating these materials but has delivered a technology capable of heating different biomass types such as food waste, plastics and general rubbish. This makes our Inoplex gasifier and cogenerator a diverse technology capable of utilising almost any type of waste. We believe in clean biomass and taking advantage of all types of waste and providing clean energy and by-products from it.

13. Low cost power.

Biomass and Bioenergy means lower energy costs for your business or operation, enabling you to rely less on grid power and more on your own biomass. You’ll be generating your own electricity depending on the amount of waste and biomass available to the gasifier and cogenerator. As our energy climate becomes more volatile moving to a self-sufficient energy source is a smart move for any business.

Low cost power bioenergy solution

14. Highly scalable depending on business needs.

Inoplex can scale our products to suit any business need, from small business to large operations our products and designed to be scalable and highly capable of producing high and low level electrical demands. Inoplex believes every business is different and are passionate about working with you to design and tailored approach. Our technology has been proven and in use across different businesses throughout Australia.

Are you interested in a Biomass and Bioenergy project for your business or operation? Contact us today and we’ll ensure the best result for your individual business and operating needs.