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Problems We Solve


Concerned about cost of energy for your business

Electricity costs have been climbing for years. If your business uses a lot of electricity, then your profitability suffers and it is essentially out of your control. Our Inverter Generator system can generate electricity (and heat if required) from various types of fuel at a potentially lower cost (depending on usage) than buying from the grid.

Practical power generation solutions

Inoplex are experts at providing practical, cost effective electricity generation solutions for a huge range of applications across Australia.

Clean, reliable power.

Our Inverter Generator will create electricity when you need it with our load following technology. With our market-leading Power Electronics, we generate electricity with a high Power Factor, thereby ensuring your power is efficiently used and power bills reduced. Furthermore, you’re in control of the power generation and not relying on some large corporation.

Grid friendly power

Because our Power Electronics help our Inverter Generators produce “Smart Grid” compatible electricity, you can always sell your excess power to the grid.

Cogeneration power solutions

Back up generation

With an Inoplex Inverter Generator, you have the security of power supply regardless of what happens to the grid.

Independence with your own heat and power

An Inoplex CHP Cogeneration Plant gives you total control over your electricity and heating needs. Furthermore, with our market-leading load following technology, it will generate the right amount of electricity or heat when you need it.

Efficiency of heat and power load following

As mentioned above, our Cogeneration system has technology that allows load following for both electricity and heat usage. This allows us to adjust the CHP engine accordingly to generate the right amount of both electricity and heat for your needs. This makes it a lot more efficient than similar systems that only follow electricity.

Variable quality fuel

The engines we use to run our inverter generators has been tuned to run efficiently with a wide range of fuel quality. Combine this with the decoupling of the generator from the engine, allowing us to run at varying speeds, and you have an engine that can just idle along on a massive variety of fuels whilst creating clean electricity.

Low operating costs

We use a standard mass produced Ford engine, re-manufactured to run our inverter generators. This not only makes it an affordable option during installation, but means future servicing can be handled by a local mechanic using standard, affordable parts.

Inoplex solutions

Inoplex solves a huge range of challenges encountered by primary producers, industry, and wastewater authorities.

Sustainability Credentials

At Inoplex we take sustainability very seriously. We’ve developed our cogeneration system to ensure we don’t negatively impact on the environment, society and economically. We do this by using Biogas if available (organic waste disposal), keeping our ongoing costs down and promoting the use of local business for ongoing maintenance.