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Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is as old as debris rotting down in a smelly pond. While the biology hasn’t changed greatly, the way we maximise AD performance has. We’ve worked hard to provide Australian business different anaerobic digester styles that suit their business needs and to maximise their performance.


If your site has plenty of space, use a covered anaerobic pond, or CAP.  Some call these a covered anaerobic lagoon or CAL. These are earthen constructed ponds that contain the wastewater with a plastic cover to collect the biogas.  CAPs are commonly used for diary farms and piggeries and while they offer lower volatile solids destruction so they don’t create as much biogas as other digesters, they can be operated at ambient temperatures and save their owners a lot of wasted energy that is used to heat other styles of digesters. Three high rate CALs are installed at Colac Wastewater Treatment plant, so they can be used of municipal market too. 

If your site does not have the space for a large covered pond, then use an anaerobic membrane bioreactor, or mABR may be best suited to you. These compact ADs will fit into the smallest of spaces and produce high quality teated water and excellent quality and quantity biogas. This style of digester is commonly used for industrial application such as food and beverage market.

We consider the complete mix style digesters to be the middle of the road. They are well proven, typically built with substantial round tanks and handle a broad variety of wastes. If you are thinking about using an anaerobic digester for your business and not sure about which AD is your best option, contact our helpful staff.

We can help you build your own CAP or CAL and supply the biogas packaged treatment plant and CHP genset generator. Along with managing the compliances and grid connection.

We can also supply, install and commission a MABR at your site. While they are more expensive than a CAP, they will suit many different applications and maximise the bioenergy potential of any waste source.

If you would like to learn more about our Anaerobic Digestion technology please follow these links for resources on this product.

Modular Membrane Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (mABR)

Its high treatment efficiency, compact treatment density and purified water make the mabr a better choice for your project. To be compact for convenient site installations, the mABR is designed to biologically break down organic wastes into biogas at high rate, generally the retention times of between 6 hours and 2 days depending the feeds, which reduces the need for extensive tankage and, uniquely, allowing the entire system to be built into shipping containers. The design provides for a wide range of deployment opportunities equally applicable to primary or supplementary organic treatment option in both rural or the more space constrained urban locations.


There are many applications and reasons for recovering the value in waste materials and everyone has their unique reasons for being interested in the technology. The membrane anaerobic baffled reactor, or mabr, developed and manufactured in Australia by Inoplex is installed for a variety of compelling reasons.

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