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How does Biomass Energy work?

Bioenergy explained.

Biomassis plentiful, regenerative, renewable and contributes towards a carbon neutral footprint. The energy from Biomass known as Bioenergy is a mature form of technology used to generate electricity.

Biomass energy works by converting your typical waste such as food scraps and agricultural waste into usable electricity via the use of gasification. The left over by-products from biomass gasification results in 3 simple and abundant chemicals knows as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. With carbon monoxide and hydrogen being highly flammable and volatile they work well as a fuel for a cogenerator that in turn powers your operations.

Are you interested in a Bioenergy project for your business?

Inoplex are experts in the Bioenergy industry and will work with your business to created a tailored approach for your operation.

The energy within Biomass is dependant on the type of waste you’re creating which can range from farm waste to general rubbish. Simply put, your biomass is is treated in a gasifier which involves a heating of the materials in a restricted supply of air to give you the ingredients for a fuel. 

During heating process the biomass is partially combusted creating heat and carbon dioxide, shortly there after we are reducing the heat and allowing the carbon dioxide to absorb the heat and energy and react with the biochar to produce one of the main ingredients for our fuel being carbon monoxide otherwise known as producer gas. If there is a presence of water vapour on the gasification process hydrogen will be generated as a secondary by product and used as fuel within the cogenerator.

bioenergy and gasification energy.

This effective treatment of waste is renewable and safe for a wide range of industries and is capable of providing a large quantity of power/energy for businesses to rely on. Your waste doesn’t have use countless resources just to be managed and dumped in landfill to breakdown and release more C02 into the atmosphere.

Biomass and Bioenergy is a way of intercepting this waste and doing something useful with it rather than allowing it to further damage our environment and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. If your business produces biomass and you’re looking for a reliable source of electricity to power your business, bioenergy is a great alternative to landfill. Save costs on waste management and your electricity and consider bioenergy as a renewable source of energy for your business.

If you’re interested in bringing a bioenergy project to life in your business get in contact with us below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.