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biomass gasifier

Whether your biomass is the classic wood chips or pallets, or a waste by- product, we have a
gasification technology that will create heat, electricity and biochar.


Inoplex gets biomass and treating it with pyrolysis / gasification.  We started working with these technologies in the 1980s, well before it was recognised as a clean renewable energy source.  Gasification has been around since the 1800s when it produced “town gas” from coal and famously during the second world water when “wood fuelled cars” were driving around our street.

At Inoplex we do not burn biomass to create steam and spin a power turbine. Our technologies are much more efficient and cleaner than that.  Click here to learn about our clean, green biomass gasification.

Inoplex Biomass Gasifier
Inoplex Biomass Gasifier
Inoplex Biomass Gasifier Side Views
Inoplex Biomass Gasifier Side Views

For domestic applications we offer 10 and 25 KW Electrical gasifiers to power your home.

For Industrial applications we offer 50, 100, 250 and 500 KW Electrical gasifiers to power your business. Larger systems available upon request. The system’s power ratings are dependent upon the fuel being used, so for example if you were using wet wood chips your actual power output may be decreased.

These systems include our variable speed, lean burn genset cogeneration technology which maximises the amount of electrical energy you obtain from your biomass to make the best use of this renewable energy resource.  (To learn more about our variable speed genset cogeneration, click here)

The heat recovered from the gasifiers is typically double the electrical output.  If your biomass is wet, we will use some of the heat produced to dry incoming biomass. 

If you home or business does not require a source of hot water heating, then we can convert the hot water to chilled water through our adoption chiller.  Click here to learn about our clean, water based chilling solutions. Trigeneration systems are even used to cool commercial buildings, so there is not need to waste the biomass thermal energy.

These systems are designed to provide baseload power for your operations.

Inoplex Biomass Gasifier Front and Back Views

If you have insufficient biomass and still require heat, power and cooling, then you can run the generator using LPG (liquified petroleum gas or propane) until biomass supply is re-established.

KW Electrical (KWe)Fuel Type
10Mixed Biomass
20Mixed Biomass
50Mixed Biomass
100Mixed Biomass
250Mixed Biomass
500Mixed Biomass
Other sizes available upon request.  Please contact us and we can provide
a product selection to suite your specific project requirements.

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Are you interested in a gasifier project for your business? Inoplex are experts in the waste to energy industry and will work with your business to created a tailored approach for your operation.

Simply enquire below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.