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Biogas Packaged Plant

A biogas packaged plant is the answer to the energy problems facing primary produces and food or beverages producers today. Inoplex have been developing a biogas package for decades and have years of practical and technological experience to bring your operation a tailored biogas package for your exact business needs.


Does biogas treatment appear too complicated? There are flow rates and pressure drops, moisture contents, ambient temperatures, pressures, gas approvals and electrical safety, just to list a few of the complex areas that are easy to underestimate.  And then, you need to match these to the requirements of a biogas genset, cogenerator.

At Inoplex, we’ve been building biogas gensets and cogenerators for more than a decade and have seen a range of biogas treatment plants fail to perform and meet standards. This typically reduces the electrical and thermal outputs, so project ROI suffers.

Our engineering team has assembled a range of biogas packaged treatment plants that you can purchase along with a genset or combined heat and power cogenerator.  This package includes all of the components required for a complaint and safe biogas project, with a bonus that they are correctly matched to our gensets.

The Biogas Packaged Treatment Plants can be adjusted to meet specific client needs and generally include:

  1. Biological scrubber that reduces the levels of H2S in the biogas to suit our CHP gensets.
  2. Dryer that removes the water from the humid biogas.  Click here to read about the problems and costs that water left in biogas causes.
  3. Low pressure gas transducer that relays the amount of gas being stored in your system. 
  4. Compressor or blower that increases the pressure of the biogas so that it suits the genset, cogenerator or CHP.
  5. Flow meter that accurately records the volume of biogas passing through the system so that you can claim the Australian Carbon Credit Units that you are entitled too.
  6. Over pressure valve to relieve excess biogas to a flare system.
  7. Control and monitoring system that operates the system an alerts you if any action is required.

A Biogas flare if required can be included in this package if required.

The gas carrying components are fully manufactured in Australia from 316 stainless steel and guaranteed to be able to withstand the aggressive nature of biogas.

This system is guaranteed to provide clean dry gas to your combined heat and power genset so that it can reliably produce the maximum amount of power from your anaerobic digestion system. It is supplied with the necessary documentation to meet the Australian gas regulations, so you can be confident that your system will be approved by the gas authorities without unnecessary delays.

Don’t risk your biogas project running over budget and over time. Simply purchase an Inoplex “Biogas Packaged Treatment Plant” to match your CHP genset capacity and rest easy. Packaged Plants match the gas requirement for our Inoplex CHP gensets by the electrical output.  Simply choose the electrical output you seek and this packaged plant will treat the amount of gas at the pressure we need to produce this amount of electrical energy.

KW Electrical (KWe)Fuel Type
10Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion
25Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion
50Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion
100Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion
200Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion
250Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion
500Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion
Other sizes available upon request.  Please contact us and we can provide
a product selection to suite your specific project requirements.

Click here to tell us about your project and obtain a detailed proposal for your biogas packaged plant.


Biogas Cleaner

A biological scrubber is an economic, simple and reliable way to reduce the levels of H2S in your biogas from raw values commonly up to  3600 ppm down to 50 ppm to suit your CHP genset and exhaust system. Microbes living in the biological scrubber convert the H2S from a gas form into a sludge that is periodically removed and can be applied as soil conditioner is a land application system. Its sae and sustainable. The microbes only need a small amount of air and dirty water to live off, so there are no chemicals required. The biological scrubber includes a small air supply and a recirculation pump top spread the dirty water around the scrubber. 

At Inoplex, we design and build our biological scrubbers using stainless steel sheet that we roll and weld. These are both economic and durable.

Biogas Dryer

Our refrigerated biogas dryer reliably removes moisture from the biogas by simply cooling the biogas to a due point below 5 C. We minimise the amount of power consumed by the refrigerator by recouping the cooling energy from the dried biogas through an economiser and applying this to the incoming raw, warm and moist biogas.

Then to maximise the contact between the biogas and the chilled stainless steel tubes and we install “turbulators” that are more commonly used in gas boilers.  We have found them to enhance the performance of our systems and you will appreciate the efficiency of our systems by their low parasitic power draw. Australian farms can be in some hot, remote locations and we have found many imported dryers are just not designed for our 45 – 50 C ambient temperature Summer days.  We therefore provide a generously sized refrigeration system and efficiency operates on a variable speed drive so that it easily performs during our chilly winters too without icing over or wasting power.

Biogas Dryer

The Biogas Dryer is designed and manufactured in Australia using 316L stainless steel to achieve a long and safe working life. Its high flow design provides minimal biogas pressure drop and efficiently cools the biogas using the onboard refrigeration system.

Biogas Pressure Level Transducer

Biogas is produced anaerobic digesters at atmospheric pressures and it is typically allowed to build under a flexible cover and accumulate until it is needed. This storage pressure is very small but is measurable with a very sensitive pressure measurement transducer.

At Inoplex, we have sourced a high accuracy pressure sensor that we can use to measure the pressure of accumulated biogas under the cover of a covered anaerobic pond, or CAP.  This pressure value is fed into the PLC that controls the CHP genset and we can adult the operation of the unit to create as much energy for you, the owner, without drawing too much from the pond and dropping the cover onto the surface of the water.


The heart of a reliable biogas treatment system is the gas compressor – some would call them blowers as they are a low pressure compressor. The blowers are both ATEX IECEx certified for use with flammable gases. We regenerative blowers are they offer:

  • Easy installation
  • Low noise level
  • Low vibration
  • Pulsation free gas flow
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Freedom from internal lubrication
  • Compact by-pass allowing the blower to operate against no gas demand for unto 5 minutes.
  • Straight forward connection to our genset CHP controller to vary output to suit the site power and heat demands

Flow Meter

A gas flow meter is included in the package to accurately record the volume of biogas processed every 15 minutes.  This data is stored on a cloud account and accessible as you require to claim your Australia Carbon Credit Units, or ACCUs

Over Pressure pressure relief valve

In compliance with the Australian gas regulations, an over pressure relief valve is included in the design.  Any gas is vented back to the inlet of the biogas cooler, so the gas is cooled and recirculated and flared.

Control System

The overall system performance is monitored through our talk to machine platform, Talk2M. The talk2M longs gas flows, temperatures, power consumption and gas quality parameters and intergrated these with the CHP generator genset control system so that you can view and understand the performance of your total system at a glance on your phone, tablet or desktop. The Talk2M approach is how we use the Internet of Things, IoT, to continuously maximise the value of your invested assets.

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Are you interested in a biogas packaged plant for your business? Inoplex are experts in the waste to energy industry and will work with your business to created a tailored approach for your operation.

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