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Cogen Sustainability

Top quality, energy efficient cogen power system

The science of sustainable business includes economic, environmental, and social impacts of the production and use of our Inoplex Cogeneration products.

Looking for Cogeneration Technology?

If you need CHP Generation, Inoplex can help. Our cogenerators use industry leading technology to generate heat and power when you need it.

Social sustainability

  • The Inoplex Cogenerator is designed and manufactured in Austalia, supporting the Australian engineering, manufacturing, and science sectors.
  • The Cogenerator is designed to be serviced and maintained by your local mechanical tradesperson. Removing the need for highly specialised, often international, servicing or certification, providing work for local businesses.
  • We seek local associations for every cogen project.
  • We strive to establish key partnerships with regional business as they often provide excellent service and pricing.

Environmental sustainability

  • The Cogenerator is a class-leading energy efficient generator. The strongest contribution Inoplex can make to sustainable practices in Australian businesses is to produce a top quality green energy product.
  • We utilise serviceable, reusable oil and air filters, minimising site costs and reducing landfill.
  • The oil utilised provides longer lasting engine protection, with a tiny amount burnt through the engine rather than disposed of.
  • Our fuel evolutionary optimisation, FEVOP, re-tunes the engine daily to suit the specific site operating conditions.
  • Ultra long life spark plugs reduce the service time, labour, and wastage associated with generator servicing.
  • Embedded generation is more efficient than centralised power generation as it avoids the transmission losses and recovers the heat which is so often wasted in larger power generation sites.

Beyond the definitive environmental credentials, the Cogenerator is specifically designed for renewable fuels, perfect for waste to energy or bioenergy projects.  The Inoplex cogenerators can be powered using:

  • Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion
  • Landfill gas from covered tips
  • Bioethanol fuel
  • Biodiesel

Economic sustainability

  • Embedded generation provides heat and power for less than the cost of purchasing from the grid.
  • The cogen generator is designed to require low-cost servicing, providing much lower ongoing operating costs for owners.
  • To reduce our product costing but still benefit from decades of industry experience, we utilise ‘best in class components’ from high end, certified specialist component manufacturers from Australia and around the world. We then integrate these individual top quality, efficient components into our cogen power systems to ensure long-term reliability and maximum performance.