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Reliable trigen systems to suit your needs

If you are in need of reliable combined cooling, heat and power generation on your site, the Inoplex team can assist in providing you with a trigeneration system that suits your exact needs. We understand that different industries have differing heating, cooling and electricity requirements, which is why we offer effective and efficient trigen solutions unique to your circumstances. Get in contact with our knowledgeable team today to learn more.

Looking for Looking for Trigeneration?

If you need “Combined Cooling, Heat and Power” Generation, Inoplex can help. We use industry leading technology to generate cooling, heat and power when you need it.

What is trigeneration?

Trigeneration, otherwise known as trigen, combined cooling, heat and power or CCHP, is the generation of combined cooling, heat and power from a single process. In essence, a CCHP system creates electricity and useful heat, which is used for hot water or steam production (among other things), as well as for energy efficient cooling.

How does trigeneration differ from cogeneration?

The difference between cogeneration and trigeneration lies in the cooling aspect – trigeneration contributes to cooling, as well as heating and electricity generation, whereas cogneneration contributes to heating and electricity generation only.

What benefits can trigen offer?

Trigeneration offers a range of benefits, as it works off the efficiency that cogeneration systems provide and goes further into cooling. Advantages include:

  • Financial benefits: As a trigen system utilises existing waste heat, this reduces power bills. Also, energy costs are reduced due to the removal of the reliance on expensive mains grid peak tariffs.
  • Fuel: A range of fuels are available for a CCHP system including biogas, wood chips, natural gas, LPG, bioethanol and biodiesel diesel – there are even dual fuel options.
  • Environmental impact: Trigen systems lower the impact on the environment, due to high energy efficiency and around 30% lower greenhouse gas emissions (compared to mains grid power production).
  • Fuel efficiency: A trigen system utilises one fuel to produce heat, electricity and cooling.
  • Independent power source: CCHP systems are a reliable independent power source, removing the inconvenience of grid peak management interruptions.
  • Variable output: Trigeneration systems can provide for varied and regularly-changing power, heat and cooling requirements. 
  • Flexibility: Trigen options be used as a main power source, or a backup power source.
  • Extreme weather: Locations that experience extreme weather, especially remote areas, are ideal locations for trigeneration systems as they reduce the risk of power outs.

Which industries can trigeneration benefit?

Trigeneration has been effectively utilised in a range of areas such as hospitals, hotels, schools, community developments and healthcare facilities. It is also especially suited to the following industries:

  • Dairy Farms.
  • Milk Processors.
  • Cheese Makers.
  • Wine Makers.
  • Beer Makers.
  • Food processors.

Get in contact with us to find out more about how your business could benefit from trigeneration today.

Inoplex CHHP Trigeneration

Inoplex are experts when it comes to trigeneration systems across a wide variety of industries. Our trigeneration systems are designed to suit you and your energy, heat and cooling needs, ensuring reliable and dependable solutions all year round. 

We use high efficiency refrigeration options that utilise natural efficient refrigeration systems, which can produce lower temperatures and the ability to turn the cooling on and/or off as required. Inoplex systems do not need stable conditions to operate, offering a higher level of power than many Absorption Chiller and Adsorption Chiller options.

Get in contact with our team to learn more about the Inoplex trigeneration process, and how you can create clean and efficient heat, electricity and cooling as you need it.

Speak to one of our trigeneration experts today

If you would like to know more about trigeneration and how it can assist your site, give Inoplex a call today on 0448 307 282 and we can discuss the use of trigen for your business.