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Off grid energy solutions for Australian businesses

Off grid energy solutions for Australian businesses.

At Inoplex we believe in the independence of providing your own electricity and energy to your homes and businesses. Grid power has become unreliable, expensive and in some circumstances unethical. The privatised energy market in Australia has created an unfortunate situation where supply is tightened at the cost to all Australians. 


We can help you make the most of your waste and generate a reliable source of electricity to your business. Inoplex are experts in Bioenergy and will ensure the best results for your individual needs. 

Off-Grid is defined as “Going off-grid means completely disconnecting your home/business from the national energy grid, and relying solely on the energy generated elsewhere and a battery storage system.” – Origin Energy.

Off Grid Energy Solutions

At Inoplex we offer businesses the opportunity to become self-reliant and produce their now reliable power. Operate your business on renewable energy and gas with Inoplex technology such as the REG (Renewable Energy Generator) or recover heat with our cogenerator for use in another part of your business. With independent energy generation you will be better able to manage your business costs and ensure a manageable energy bill.