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Biogas/Biomass Generator

Inoplex designs and builds combined heat and power generators in Australia for various renewable fuels, including biomass and biogas.  They can also be fuelled by natural gas or LPG if you do not currently have renewable energy on your site and wish to convert later.


Our combined heat and power generator gensets will provide the power, hot water heating and cooling your business requires cleanly and reliably. 

As many clients use our combined heat and power generators on wastes, they are designed to include features to monitor and record the amount of power and gas flows so that you can claim Large-Scale Generation Certificates or LGCs, Australian Carbon Credit Units or ACCUs and Victorian Energy Efficiency Credits or VEECs.  Our CHPs assist you with claiming your clean energy credits.

Connecting CHP generators to the power grid used to be a complicated, expensive and uncertain process. Inoplex inverter CHPs are carefully designed to be grid friendly with their inverter power electronics that ensure they are simple and quick to connect to the grid.

A key feature of the Inoplex CHP range is their class-leading efficiencies.  They convert the highest possible amount of biogas or biomass energy into electrical energy.  They recover as much of the heat as hot water heating as practically possible and provide overall efficiencies above 90%.

KW ElectricalThermal Output KWt at 90cElectrical EfficiencyThermalPower Output
103520%70%Inverter or Synchronous
205225%65%Inverter or Synchronous
255827%63%Inverter or Synchronous
5010030%60%Inverter or Synchronous
6513030%60%Inverter or Synchronous
10015735%55%Inverter or Synchronous
15023635%55%Inverter or Synchronous
20027438%52%Inverter or Synchronous
Please note all apply:
Fuel Options: Biogas, Syngas, Natural Gas or LPG
Dual Fuel Option: Biogas or Syngas / LPG
Heat Recovery: Engine, Oil + Exhaust

Other sizes available upon request. Please contact us and we can provide
a product selection to suite your specific project requirements.

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Are you interested in a combined heat and power genset gas cogenerator for your business? Inoplex are experts in the waste to energy industry and will work with your business to created a tailored approach for your operation.

Simply enquire below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.