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Inoplex are experts in converting waste to energy for a wide range of businesses and industries. Our technology has been tried and tested in a range of applications and performs effectively over the long term, from large scale farms to smaller sized commercial buildings. Inoplex products can be relied upon for their efficiency and reliability from years of practical and technological experience. We have decades of experience in the water, waste and energy industries and are well suited to deliver an energy solution that works for your business.

Combined Heat and Power Has Generators

Combined Heat and Power Gas Cogenerator

If you’re looking for an energy solution that provides you both heat and power from your waste, our Inoplex combined heat and power generator (CHP) is the product for you. Produce reliable and efficient electricity to power your operations.

Backup Generators

Backup generator

Our backup generators provide a reliable and cost-effective method of energy for your home or business. Ensure you have a stable supply of electricity and avoid any risks of down time with our backup generators.

Adsorption Chillers

adsorption chiller

A powerful method of cooling from excess heat. If your operation involves having access to heat and also requires cooling an adsorption chiller is the product for you. We’re confident in this technology and it’s capability to fulfil your cooling needs.

Heat Exchanger

Generator Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger

Efficient and low maintenance heat exchangers. Our industry leading and high grade heat exchangers are capable of recovering a substantial amount of heat from your engines. Suitable for a wide range of applications from biogas, syngas, natural gas and diesel.

Biogas Treatment

Biogas Packaged Plant

If your business is generating waste our Biogas package will ensure you can harness the energy and generate electricity to power your operations. We are experts at providing Biogas solutions including Biogas Dryers, Biogas Blowers and other treatments and we will ensure a package to meet your needs.

Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic Digester

Inoplex have been designing high performance anaerobic digesters for decades and you can rely on our technical and practical expertise to provide you with a tailored solution for your business.



Convert your biomass and waste into electricity, heating and cooling using our class leading gasifier technology. Inoplex gasifiers are capable of providing energy for a large range of applications.

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