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Hydrogen from Biomass

a sustainable source of power.

Hydrogen from Biomass is just one of the beneficial by-products of heating biomass. It all starts with processing/heating the biomass materials at high temperatures without combusting. This generates some simple gases which are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas. Furthermore the gasification process takes the carbon monoxide and steam to create additional hydrogen. 

Are you interested in a Biomass project for your business?

Inoplex are experts in the Bioenergy industry and will work with your business to created a tailored approach for your operation.

These by-products from heating biomass generates a gas called syngas, which is then used to power the Inoplex cogenerator giving you the electricity to run your operations. A truely sustainable and renewable source of power for Australian businesses.

Hydrogen is an important renewable energy carrier in our climate and its potential spans every industry. The demand for hydrogen has increased exponentially and with good reason. The hydrogen generated from your biomass used in the Inoplex cogenerator as a highly efficient fuel and expels water as exhaust that can be reused.

Biomass is not burnt.

Some people worry that converting biomass to energy is a form of burning or incinerating. Some companies actually do this. They burn the biomass and use the heat to create steam that spins a turbine that creates electricity. We hear peoples’ concerns.

At Inoplex, we don’t burn biomass.  We don’t do incinerators as we believe thats environmentally poor and it actually pretty inefficient. 

Instead, we heat the biomass to drive off volatile components. We then combust these volatiles in a generator to create electricity and use the by-product heat to further heat the biomass to around 1000 C. We then add steam to this very hot biomass and the water splits and forms Hydrogen gas and a range of other gases. This is the renewable hydrogen we use to create your site’s heat and power. So, we use biomass to create renewable hydrogen and then heat and power – easy, clean and efficient.

Winery bioenergy projects renewable power

So we’re not incinerating biomass, infant and a key output from our system is biochar.  This is carbon, which is not burnt or incinerated, with millions of tiny cracks and surface area that microbes can live in to activate the biology in soils. Activated biochar adds carbon and microbiologic activity to soils.

Our biomass process is carbon negative.   

Are you interested in a Biomass and Bioenergy project for your business or operation? Contact us today and we’ll ensure the best result for your individual business and operating needs.