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About Inoplex


Inoplex provides water, waste and energy solutions.  So, if you have wastes or wastewater and need energy such as electricity, hot water and chilling, then please talk to our design team who will design a solution to meet your needs.

Our experience includes creating electrical and water heating for piggeries, dairy farms, renderers and wine producers,  food and industrial wastes.  While we commonly recommend simple covered anaerobic ponds for anaerobic digestion for primary producers, we favour higher gas yielding membrane digesters for industrial or high-density business.

Our variable speed combined heat, power and cooling tri-generation generators are Australian designed and built and can be fuelled by biogas from anaerobic digesters, syngas from Gasifiers and dual-fuelled for use with natural gas, LPG and even biodiesel.  Capacities from 5 KW to 2 MW of electrical power are available and will be tailored to meet your site’s specific needs.

Inoplex also provides traditional wastewater and drinking water treatment through biological nutrient reduction plants and lagoons with UV Disinfection, ozonation, membrane filtration and salt removal, some of our specialties.