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Renewable Energy Generator (REG)

The combination of Gasification and Cogeneration, the REG is the culmination of decades of experience, development and research. An innovation capable of solving waste problems plaguing so many Australian businesses and operations. Efficiently lower your energy costs and recover energy from your waste.


The Challenge: Australia is producing an unprecedented amount of waste. With a large amount ending up in landfills, we have a waste crisis. With over $17 billion spent on waste services in 2017 and steep increases expected, Australians have never spent so much on waste. A significant amount of this waste is suitable for conversion into energy. Over the past few years, we have suffered a massive, business- changing energy crisis with spiraling energy costs. Australia now has a decisive decarbonisation goal, replacing fossil fuel power with renewables.

The Solution: Introducing Inoplex’s Renewable Energy Generator, REG. It is the culmination of decades of experience, development and research. REG is truly an innovation capable of solving waste, energy and decarbonising challenging Australian businesses and operations. REG will efficiently reduce your waste costs by converting wastes to energy to energy, doubly reducing your business costs. Years of development and research have led us to develop a technology capable of converting waste into energy at a very high- efficiency level without needing elaborate pre- treatment and clean emissions. Our modular approach and all-in-one power plant are user-friendly and highly scalable to meet your exact business needs. So, whether you need 10 KW or 200 KW or 1000 KW, we have a REG solution for your business.

Renewable Energy Generator (REG) Electricity Generation from Syngas
Renewable Energy Generator (REG) Electricity Generation from Syngas

Gasifier: REG’s gasification is built on a solid foundation of experience, knowledge and aspiration always to do better. Decades of experience within the industry have allowed us to design and develop a unique Gasifier technology that is both efficient and cost- effective.

We use a modest proportion of the feed’s energy potential to heat the material to around 1000 C, where water is injected and reformed into “green” Hydrogen and renewable gases for power generation. The feed’s remaining carbon is transformed into char and biochar after biological activation. REG produces solid carbon for soil improvement, so it’s a positive carbon source. REG is designed to extract more power from your waste in a convenient, automated, cost-effective process.

Cogenerator: REG gasifiers provide renewable gas for the combined heat and power inverter generators. Inoplex proudly designs and builds these in Australia, and they are certified to Australian standards.

The combined heat and power generators produce power, the heat that REG needs with excess thermal energy available as hot water heating for your site. Inoplex has been designing and building bespoke cogenerators for decades and has developed proven reliable and highly efficient technology. Every component and decision has been insight-driven and supported by countless years of experience and research. Our variable speed inverter generators provide an affordable power solution. Minimising maintenance achieves a low total cost of ownership through our long-life components and abundance of consumable commodity parts.

Renewable Energy Generator (REG) Electricity Generation from Syngas
Renewable Energy Generator (REG) Electricity Generation from Syngas

Suitable Energy Needs: REG is carefully engineered to convert a wide variety of materials into both electrical and thermal energies. Suitable feeds for energy creation include:

  • Straw, stubble and agricultural residues and biomass.
  • Vineyard prunings and grape marc.
  • Chicken, piggery, goat, equestrienne, feedlot animal bedding and manure.
  • Woody wastes including sawdust, bark, branches, leaves and needles.
  • Wastes from food and beverage manufacturing
  • Municipal wastes, including yard trimmings, paper, paperboard, plastics, rubber, textiles and food residuals. – Commercial, intuitional and residential food wastes.
  • Municipal wastewater primary and secondary sludges

Please phone or email our team if you have a waste material not on this list.
How much energy do you need? A 50 KW electrical REG consumes 2 kg of dry feeds per hour.

Continuous Electrical Power50kW@50Hz – 200kw@50Hz
Sound Level82dB(A)
Biomass Consumption2.0kg/kWh (Dry) to 450kg Per Hour
Max Continuous Operation24 Hours/7 Days
Start Up Time15 – 30 Minutes
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Engine Type4 Stroke and/or Turbo Charged
Displacement4.0l to 8.3l
Cylinder Configuration6 Cylinder
Compression Ratio11:1
RPM900 – 220rpm
System Voltage12V
IgnitionElectronic ECU
Engine BlockCast Iron
Electrical + Thermal Efficiency92%
Dual Fuel OptionLPG Propane Backup
Optimal Operating Conditions/Size
Ambient Temperature5-50c
Ambient Relative Humidity5-95%
Installed Footprint/Dimensions2.4m x 2.3m x 3.0m
Site RequirementsRoofed Level Concrete Pad
VentilationNatural Air Flow/Forced Convection AS5601

Other sizes available upon request. Please contact us and we can provide
a product selection to suite your specific project requirements.

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Are you interested in the REG for your business? Inoplex are experts in the waste to energy industry and will work with your business to created a tailored approach for your operation.

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