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Trigeneration – Efficient and powerful energy solutions.

If you are in need of reliable combined cooling, heat and power generation on your site, the Inoplex team can assist in providing you with a trigeneration system that suits your exact needs. Trigeneration is the production of combined cooling, heat, and power from a single generator or process. The trigeneration system produces electricity and useful heat which is utilised for hot water, space heating or steam production, as well as energy efficient cooling. We understand that different industries have differing heating, cooling and electricity requirements, which is why we offer effective and efficient trigeneration solutions unique to your circumstances. 


We can help you make the most of your waste and generate a reliable source of electricity to your business. Inoplex are experts in Bioenergy and will ensure the best results for your individual needs. 

Inoplex are experts when it comes to trigeneration systems across a wide variety of industries. Our trigeneration systems are designed to suit you and your energy, heat and cooling needs, ensuring reliable and dependable solutions all year round. 

We use high efficiency refrigeration options that utilise natural efficient refrigeration systems, which can produce lower temperatures and the ability to turn the cooling on and/or off as required. Inoplex systems do not need stable conditions to operate, offering a higher level of power than many Absorption Chiller and Adsorption Chiller options.

If you’re interested in trigeneration contact us today for a free quote.