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Cogeneration Process

Delivering a successful cogeneration project

The experienced team at Inoplex can provide a complete turn-key cogen power project, we’ll take you through the process from beginning to end. Alternatively, our team can provide individual facets to suit your specific requirements.

We can provide as little or as much assistance as you would like both during the cogeneration system setup, construction and commissioning, as well as ongoing maintenance and expert advice.

Looking for Cogeneration?

If you need “Combined Heat and Power” Generation, Inoplex can help. Our Cogenerators use industry leading technology to generate heat and power when you need it.

The Cogen System Setup

Step 1 – Establish project feasibility

The first step of the project is to work with the client to establish the feasibility of their potential project. Our team will customise the recommended design and cogeneration technology to suit each clients capital and operating budgets, as well as their return on investment.

Step 2 – Detailed cogen system design

Our team will prepare a detailed site-specific cogeneration design. The comprehensive design will including the sizing and speciation of all components suitable for regulatory approvals and construction.

Step 3 – Obtain CHP project approvals

At this stage of the project, we will submit the detailed design for approval by all of the necessary regulatory areas. These can include the relevant state or territory EPA (Environment Protection Authority), electrical and gas authorities, as well as the local municipal council.

Step 4 – Cogeneration power plant construction

The Inoplex team can oversee and complete the cogeneration power plant construction. Alternatively, we can work with the client to assist them where ever needed to owner-build the project in conjunction with specialist cogeneration technology equipment suppliers.

Step 5 – Commissioning the cogen project

Our team will review the system to ensure it is working correctly and efficiently. We’ll start up the biomass digestor and ancillary equipment to complete the required regulatory approvals. Our team will ensure all operators are trained in the safe and effective use of the equipment and machinery with specific safe work instructions and process controls. 

Step 6 – Ongoing support from Inoplex

The Inoplex team offer ongoing on-site support and/or remote system monitoring for as long as required to assist the client to obtain the optimum performance and efficiency of the system.

Get your Cogen Power system started today

Speak to our team about getting your CHP Cogeneration project off the ground on 0448 307 282 or complete our cogen power enquiry form today.