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Biogas Calculator for Reducing Energy Costs for Australian Dairy Farms

Animal effluent management is used to calculate the biogas produced from a dairy farm and power hot water heating as well as government support through Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGC’s), Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s), for Victoria Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEEC’s).

Let’s get started on your Biogas Project.

Now you might be wondering where to get started after viewing the calculated results. We are experts at providing Biogas solutions for Dairies and will be able to provide you with a tailored approach to your exact business requirements and needs as we believe every dairy farm in unique. We want to work with you directly in a partnership, this way we will achieve the best results possible for your business and operations, saving you money on your electricity costs and effectively manage your environmental impact. 

Biogas has a huge potential so save your dairy farm up to 100% of your current electricity costs, we believe this is a technology worth pursing and can make you dairy farm self-sufficient while also reducing your environmental impact greatly. 

If a biogas project sounds right you feel free to send us a quick message below with your details and we’ll help you achieve the best results for your dairy farm. 


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