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Microgrid Solutions Australia

Microgrid Solutions

Reliable microgrid energy

Inoplex cogenerators offer a practical, flexible power using a variety of fuel sources to provide reliable, cost-effective microgrid solutions for stand-alone energy systems across Australia. Microgrids are being used across the country in rural and urban areas to supply a primary or back-up power grid for mines, farms, remote communities, multi-storey buildings and many more applications.

Efficient Cogen Generators for all your electrical needs

The Inoplex Cogen Generators can run at a wide range of speeds efficiently
to produce the electricity that you need.

Microgrid Australia

The Inoplex cogenerators, with their intelligent operation and power electronics, are the perfect balance to a microgrid. Either one connected to the broader grid or a stand-alone island system.

Our systems can be powered up and down with seconds notice to provide for shortcomings in the microgrid or provide baseload power using various fuel sources including natural gas, LPG, or renewable bioenergy such as biogas or biodiesel.

A microgrid can be fully customised for the power needs of the application from the design stage. This allows for energy generation to be achieved using the available fuel source, including clean energy options, on a small scale. Removing many of the large network expenses as well as the reliance on an external electricity grid.

Micro grids can offer a practical energy solution for a huge range of applications including:

  • Regional communities
  • Remote communities – especially those on the end of a very long mains network.
  • Farms or groups of farms
  • Residential or office buildings

Some state governments offer support for the development of microgrid systems.

What are microgrids?

A microgrid is a small network or community of electricity users with a local power generation source which may or may not be connected to the mains grid system or other microgrid systems. 

Benefits of microgrid energy

  • Can be created as a stand-alone power system to work in island mode or
  • Grid-connected to work as a backup power source or as a primary power source using the mains grid as backup.
  • Flexible power generation options – including solar, wind, biogas, diesel generators
  • Local energy production offers reduced transmission losses compared with mains grid generated power.
  • Advanced microgrid management systems enable the integration of a variety of energy sources including renewables and natural gas, diesel or biogas generators. As well as managing the transitions from grid connection to island mode.

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