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Investment Options

Investment Options

Inoplex have an option for every budget

Inoplex understands that to fully cater to our client’s power generation requirements and to offer the best service and product possible we need to provide an option for every application and budget. 

A lot of research and product development has gone into finding the best possible cost-effective clean power solution to enable more clients to access our systems. 

Efficient Cogen Generators for all your electrical needs

The Inoplex Cogen Generators can run at a wide range of speeds efficiently
to produce the electricity that you need.

Genverter option

Our inverter generators (Genverters) are locally engineered which allows our team to customise the system to your specific requirements which ensure you receive the most efficient set up possible. 

Inoplex Cogeneration Genverters can be more of an initial investment than other cogeneration options which utilise synchronous generators. However, the lower installation cost, reduced ongoing maintenance expenses, and lower cost grid connection of the genverter make it a very viable investment in the long term.

The Inoplex CHP genverter is more efficient and the engines generally last longer than fixed speed, generators.

This option has an approximate initial investment starting at $80,000 for 50 kW or $120,000 for 67 kW electrical genverter*.

Cogeneration using genverters

Synchronous generator option

Businesses with a more restricted budget have the option of utilising a conventional synchronous fixed speed generator for a lower cost initial investment. 

The Inoplex cogeneration system designed using a fixed speed generator offers our proven fuel management and engine while reducing the costs by omitting the power electronics. 

Synchronous generator capacities include:

  • 30 kW at 1500 rpm – normally aspirated
  • 50 kW at 1500 rpm – forced induction

The fixed speed generator option has an approximate initial investment starting at $50,000 for 30 kW or $60,000 for 50 kW*.

The Inoplex team will tailor the power generation system to provide your business with the optimal efficiency possible regardless of which option you choose. All aspects of your property, fuel options (biogas, diesel, natural gas, etc), power and heat requirements, as well as your budget, will be considered to provide you with the best solution.

For more cogeneration options such as no heat recovery or utilising reconditioned engines find out more here – Cogeneration Options.

*prices to be used as a guide only. Speak to our team for a specific quote for your property.