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Distributed Power Generation

Distributed Power Generation

How do you use your power?

Each Embedded or Distributed Generation is tailored to meet the power needs of your site, providing businesses with the tightest return on investment possible and minimising environmental impact.

The Inoplex CHP cogenerator de-couples the production of heat and power, making the system highly flexible and able to be set up, or configured, to best meet the specific power and heating requirements of your site.

Efficient Cogen Generators for all your electrical needs

The Inoplex Cogen Generators can run at a wide range of speeds efficiently
to produce the electricity that you need.

Power usage variations

Some of the commonly used power configurations include:

Base load power

Base load power configuration is used when a continuous supply of electricity is required. The generator runs at full capacity 24 hours a day. 

If your property requires constant, consistent power and you are considering a base load application our synchronous generator could be an option to examine. 

More information on this option here – Cogeneration Options

Load following

A load following structure allows the generator to automatically power up and down to meet the specific power requirements throughout operations. This option could suit businesses with variable power demands.

If your electrical load varies quite slowly within an narrow band and electrical energy is your prime requirement, then our synchronous generator is worth considering. We find for most applications that the benefits of power electronics are worth the additional investment.

Time of use power

The time-of-use set up provides power for a specific time each day. The cogenerator is turned on and off on an automatic timer to reduce peak electricity supply charges for your business. The system is only run to eliminate power peaks substituting the most expensive grid power.

Island mode

Island mode provides generator power for specific electrical circuits throughout your business while they are disconnected from the grid. This option removes the costs associated with synchronizing with the grid for a reduced auxiliary power project capital investment.

Sell power to the grid

This option is a good choice for businesses which generate more biogas than is required by the operation demand. If your local electrical utility has the systems in place you have the option to sell the excess power generated to the grid, providing your business with a supplementary revenue stream.

This green energy or renewable power can be purchased from the utility by consumers and businesses wanting to make their contribution towards the sustainable power sector and a cleaner environment. The demand for electricity produced using renewable power generation is ever on the increase.

Solar PV system addition

If your business has already installed a solar PV system or you are considering installing solar power as well as a CHP cogeneration system can be incorporated in the cogeneration inverter to simplify the power management for your property.

Smart Grid compatible

The Inoplex cogenerators include the necessary communication systems and flexibility requirements laid out in Australian Standard – Grid connection of energy systems via inverters – Inverter requirements (AS/NZS 4777.2:2015) providing straightforward connection to your local electricity utility. 


The Inoplex cogenerators, with their intelligent operation and power electronics, are the perfect balance to a microgrid. Either one connected to the broader grid or a stand-alone island system. 

Our systems can be powered up and down with seconds notice to provide for shortcomings in the microgrid or provide base load power using various fuel sources including natural gas, LPG, or renewable bioenergy such as biogas or biodiesel.

Get your Cogen Power system started today

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