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Dairy Farmers

Dairy Farms Alternative Energy and Energy Savings

Inoplex can reduce your energy consumption and provide alternative power, heat and cooling sources.

We consider your farm’s water, waste, heating, cooling, service and electrical systems holistically to reduce your operating costs.

Using biogas, CHP, & trigeneration on dairy farms

Inoplex offers practical, long term, reliable power, cooling and heating solutions for dairy farmers throughout Victoria, Queensland, and across Australia. 

Our unique systems can help dairy farmers improve their power and energy independence while minimising operating costs in the long term using a range of applications including biogas power productionCHP cogeneration (combined heat and power), and highly efficient refrigeration in the form of Trigeneration.

The pragmatic Inoplex solution has been developed over many years of working with dairies, other primary producers, industrial users, and wastewater authorities. We’ve identified a suite of technologies specifically for dairy farms.

Speak to one of our experienced Inoplex team to find out how our systems and technology can help your dairy farm today.

Practical, efficient power solutions for dairies

Inoplex understands the challenges dairy farmers face and offer tailored effective power, cooling, & heating solutions.

Inoplex understands the issues dairy farms experience

Inoplex has worked with many dairy farmers over the years, during which time we have come to fully appreciate the particular challenges they face. Our exclusive applications have been fine tuned to assist dairy farmers who are struggling with power issues such as limited electricity supply, no option other than single phase power, unreliable connections, and expensive electricity tariffs. 

Looking for an alternative power generation system for your dairy farm?

We find many of the dairy farmers we speak to have considered a solar PV system as an alternative to unreliable and often expensive mains power. While a fantastic and sustainable green energy option, solar often doesn’t cater for the electricity requirements of a busy dairy without adding expensive batteries.

One of the main issues with using solar power for dairy is the morning and afternoon milking load periods fall outside the peak solar generation times, leaving operators to supplement the electricity supply with mains generated power or other methods.

Solar power may offer a practical electricity generation system if you just want help running a few pumps, however, it lacks the functionality to provide for heavier loads involved in milking pumps and refrigeration unless the system is boosted using often costly solar batteries.

Inoplex endeavours to provide alternative power solutions which are specifically tailored for dairy farms which find long term, practical answers to the unique challenges faced by dairy operators.

Practical dairy effluent solutions

We understand many dairies have issues with effluent ponds which, over time, don’t work as they were initially intended and require excess effort throughout the year involving tasks such as ongoing manual pumping out. 

Inoplex provides easy floor wash systems to move manure from the feeding area through to the effluent system without much effort by the farmer, removing the need to muck up the feeding area with a tractor.

Our systems can also assist with maximising water efficiency to help reduce water use across the dairy process.

Speak to a dairy farm energy specialist today

Looking for a practical, energy efficient dairy farm power generation, heating and cooling systems? Speak to our experienced team about an Inoplex dairy farm power solution on 0448 307 282 or complete our enquiry form today.