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Cogeneration for Pools

Cogeneration for Pools

Using Cogen for swimming pools, aquatic centres and resorts

A swimming pool or aquatic centre is the perfect style of facility to fully utilise of both the heat and power generated using cogeneration technology. Inoplex cogen systems present a cost-effective, energy efficient green energy alternative to grid electricity.

Using Combined Heat and Power (CHP) cogeneration pools can significantly reduce the energy costs involved in running pool filtration equipment, cleaning equipment, and lighting. As well as thoroughly utilising the heat produced by the cogenerator for pool and spa heating, hot water for showers, and more.

Want to lower the energy bills in your business?

Inoplex are the experts at getting the most out of your energy requirements. Whether you need electricity, heating or even cooling, we can help develop a solution for you.

Green energy solutions

Cogeneration plants work at a much higher efficiency than traditional power which can waste around 70% of the energy through heat. The inverter generator, using load following technology, also allows for varied power output to cater to different requirements throughout the day, season, or year. 

Sell excess power back to the grid

Potential added revenue can be made by selling excess power generated back to the electricity grid further reducing payback periods.

Benefits of using cogen for pools

Swimming pools can be very energy hungry operations, Inoplex cogen power systems can help reduce overall energy costs

  • Improve energy efficiency by using clean consistent power.
  • Cogenerators can be powered using fuels such as biogas, natural gas, LPG, or petrol. 
  • Lowers facility greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Inexpensive repairs, maintenance and replacement motors.
  • Cogen systems provide reliable backup power for use during power outs.
  • Repairs and maintenance can often be carried out by your local mechanic, reducing operating expenses and supporting local businesses.

Investing in an Inoplex Cogeneration system can reduce payback periods compared to other European manufactured cogen systems due to lower operating and purchase costs. We use remanufactured Ford engines to run our inverter generators which make purchasing and installation affordable as well as keeping repair and maintenance bills down.

Cogen power for pools and aquatic centres

Looking for a practical, energy efficient biomass power generation system for your pool? Speak to our experienced team about an Inoplex cogenerator on 0448 307 282 or complete our enquiry form today.