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Cogeneration for Feedlots

Cogeneration for Feedlots

Using biomass energy in a feedlot

Reducing energy costs is a priority for many in the pig production industry with skyrocketing electricity, gas, and fuel prices ever on the increase. Biogas power generation presents a practical cost-effective alternative to mains electricity, while significantly reducing your farm’s greenhouse gas emissions, potentially by up to 80%.

Want to lower the energy bills in your business?

Inoplex are the experts at getting the most out of your energy requirements. Whether you need electricity, heating or even cooling, we can help develop a solution for you.

Benefits of cogen in feedlots

The ample manure resources on feedlots present potential bioenergy generation opportunities for feedlot companies, the benefit is twofold with reduced greenhouse gas emissions as well. 

Reduce power expenses with green energy

Harness the wasted thermal energy lost during traditional electricity generation using the CHP cogeneration process. Cogen is suitable for use with a range of fuel options such as biogas, petrol, natural gas, and LPG. The Inoplex CHP system can be customised to the most cost-effective option for your business.


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Using available biomass, such as manure and effluent, to create biogas to run the cogenerator further lowers feedlot power expenses, as well helping to manage waste, and reducing the facilities greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sustainability important to Inoplex, our cogeneration system is designed specifically to avoid impacting on the environment, society, and the economy.

Reliable, clean consistent power

Independent power operations such as cogen ensure your feedlot has electricity and heat all the time, even during power outs. 

The power generated using an Inoplex cogenerator features sophisticated load following technology allowing your business to vary the power produced specifically to the required demand.

Benefit from govt incentives and carbon credits

There is a range of government tax offsets, grants, and financing packages available depending on where you are located within Australia. 

The Emissions Reduction Fund provides incentives for Australian businesses to invest in practices used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More information on the fund can be found on the Department of Environment and Energy website –

Is CHP Cogeneration suitable for your feedlot?

Our experienced team can answer all your questions regarding cogeneration as well as providing expert advice on whether cogen power is right for your facility.

Looking for a practical, energy efficient biomass power generation system for your feedlot? Speak to our experienced team about an Inoplex cogenerator on 0448 307 282or complete our enquiry form today.