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Cogeneration for Abattoirs

Cogeneration for Abattoirs

Utilising biogas power generation in an abattoir

Cogeneration can be used for power, heating and cooling throughout the abattoir, as well as a reliable back up power system to ensure production is not interrupted during power outs or brownouts.

Unlike other cogenerators which produce corresponding amounts of heat and power at one time, the Inoplex Cogeneration system allows users to vary the heat and power independently providing more flexibility during different levels of workload.

Want to lower the energy bills in your business?

Inoplex are the experts at getting the most out of your energy requirements. Whether you need electricity, heating or even cooling, we can help develop a solution for you.

“Cogeneration is ideally suited to the red meat industry as it uses heat and electricity at the same time and requires only low pressure steam (800-1200 kPa) for rendering. This can be provided by a gas engine or gas turbine cogeneration system. “ Economic and technical potential for cogeneration in industry report – Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd.

Why invest in an Inoplex cogen power system?

  • Reduced power costs
  • Reliable power supply – minimise reliance on grid electricity
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • Each cogen system can be designed for specific power and heat requirements allowing for greater efficiency.
  • Various fuels can be used to power the cogenerator allowing businesses to customise the cogen plant to the available fuel source – biogas, petrol, LPG, natural gas
  • Where possible, utilising biogas produces electricity at a significantly lower greenhouse gas emission level compared to using natural gas for cogeneration.
  • Earn carbon credits 
  • Export excess power back to the grid
  • Load following provides a variable output, power when you need it.
  • The system operates effectively even using lower quality biogas.

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Covered anaerobic digestion pond

Waste to power using anaerobic digestion

Making use of abattoir waste such as meat, fats, offal, liquid run-off, and manure for biomass energy creates a three-fold saving for the business. Waste disposal costs are reduced, environmental impact lessened, plus the facility generates it’s own fuel to run the cogeneration system, removing the need to source fuel externally.

Lower maintenance costs

Unlike other CHP systems which require specialist servicing which can be costly and cause extensive production downtime, Inoplex cogenerators uses 6 cylinder variable speed engines as the prime over which means repairs and maintenance can be carried out by your local mechnic in most cases.

Inoplex cogeneration technology for abattoirs

Looking for a practical, energy efficient biomass power generation system for your abattoir? Speak to our experienced team about an Inoplex cogenerator on 0448 307 282 or complete our online cogen enquiry form today.

Ref – Economic and technical potential for cogeneration in industry report, A.ENV.0102, Dec 2010, Meat & Livestock Australia Limited