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Case Studies

Case Studies


We are a privately owned Australian environmental company, with directors having decades of science, engineering and product development experience in the mining, automotive, consumer and environmental sectors. We take practical and holistic approach to addressing water, waste and energy issues. Here’s some of our work.

INNOVATIVE VICTORIAN DAIRY Farmer Off the Grid with Bioenergy.

A dairy farmer in northern Victorian was ‘ticked off’ at the high cost of connecting grid power to another part of his dairy farming property, and decided some changes had to be made. Instead of spending…

CHP Solution for Victorian Piggery.

A second piggery location in northern Victoria is running the Inoplex combined heat and power generators.This site demonstrates Inoplex¹s ability to provide a total embedded power and thermal turn-key solu…

Kia-Ora Piggery

A DECADE ago, powering an intensive farm and its enterprises economically using pig pee and poo might have seemed out of this world.But pig farmer Tom Smith and turbine distributor Brendan Mason claim they…