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Why Use Inoplex

Why use Inoplex

So many generators are expensive to maintain with high service costs. This is understandable when you consider how hard the engines work and the cost suffered if you ruin an engine from inadequate maintenance.

Typical cogeneration maintenance costs

Planned and unplanned maintenance typically sees generators with an industry average up-time of 92%. While 92% sounds like a reasonably high number, that is 8% of a year that your generator typically does not run. A 365 day year has 8760 hours and 8% of this is a staggering 700.8 hours.  Yep, that is almost a 30 day month with the generator doing nothing but costing you service dollars.

That’s not all though. If your generator is down, where is your power and heat coming from? If they are sourced from the grid, then your savings of grid network charges are going to be ruined as you’ll have a peak demand that needs to be serviced by the grid. Or if the power is to be provided by a backup diesel generator, then you have the cost of diesel to pay for, diesel fuel to manage and electrical interlocks. Generator down time costs you in so many ways.

Working with farmers who understand that equipment sitting silent when it should be working costs them dollars; we developed an alternative philosophy…..

How we keep your Cogeneration costs down

We use a low cost engine, or prime mover, which is easily serviced and replaced to keep it running.

How does this work?  

If your biogas treatment stops working and the corrosive gas ruins the your engine, don’t worry; just replace the engine quickly and keep on generating. The changeover is designed to be quick and low cost.

Furthermore, if engine failure isn’t catastrophic, then the servicing schedule isn’t as critical and  doesn’t have to be over the top. 

Next, we have made the service easy. So easy that owners and local mechanical trades can easily look after the engines. This eliminated a high cost of service labour and travel.

Lastly, we have extended the service life of consumables so that they don’t need to be changed as often.  Some examples are:

  • Oil Filters – essential to keep the engine oil clean.  We have replaced “disposable” filters with whole of life filters that are never changed for the life of the engine.
  • Spark Plugs – you can choose the low cost spark plugs that are replaced frequently, OR use the long life spark plugs that are normally changed once per 6 months.
  • Engine Oil – you can choose to stop the engine twice per week to top up the oil OR use the automatic oil management system and top up the oil tank once every second month with the engine running.
  • Air Filters – the engines are supplied with serviceable air filters that normally should be cleaned annually.

So sure, we can supply you with a top of the range engine to run your cogeneration plant if you want. But, if ongoing cost and servicing is important to you, we can also supply a cost competitive unit that can easily be serviced and replaced if need be; all by your local mechanic.