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Why Invest in a DieselPrime Backup Generator over Mains Electricity

Why invest in a diesel prime backup generator over mains electricity?

Backup generators for solar power grids

A number of solar power grid companies and farmers are investing in diesel generators as a backup power source for their solar electricity grid, rather than mains electricity for their reliability and cost effectiveness.   

Solar replaces mains electricity with diesel generators as backup power

Solar power is a popular power source for many residential and commercial buildings, however, due to varying weather conditions the sun is not always a reliable energy source. To compensate for the lack of solar energy, power grids will convert back to mains electricity to ensure that the solar homes and workplaces still have access to power. 

When this happens, the exponential increase in the number of buildings relying on mains electricity can cause power outages, leaving businesses and households without power. Extreme weather conditions are also a common cause of blackouts during which solar is often not an option. Power outages have significant negative impacts on businesses, and can be especially dangerous for those such as; hospitals and airports who rely heavily on a constant power source. 

To combat this, a number of companies and hospitals are installing commercial backup generators and hospital backup generators as a backup power source. These emergency backup generators are capable of providing power during power outages, which is extremely beneficial for buildings that depend heavily upon mains or solar power. 

Rural towns switch to diesel backup generators

Some rural towns are hundreds of kilometres away from a power grid and frequently experience power outages from lines being damaged during lightning strikes, floods, and storm events. These towns can be left without electricity for extended periods of time because of the distance repair crews need to cover to carry out the power line repairs. Rural farming properties often rely on power for their cattle bores and irrigation systems. Without a reliable power source, farmers could lose significant amounts of produce, which would have major negative implications for their business. 

Rural towns and remote properties are beginning to become less reliant on the mains power grid by trailing the use of diesel backup generators. Backup generators are perfect for powering irrigation, bores, homes etc through outages because they are completely independent of mains electricity. They can provide the farms with ample power to see them through until the blackout ends, whether it’s an hour or a week.

Dairy farmers are also installing industrial backup generators to be their main power source during peak times. The electricity cost to run a dairy farm skyrockets throughout summer, which significantly cuts down a farmer’s earnings. As the power required to run the irrigation and dairy pivots can be supplied by diesel generators for a much lower cost than mains electricity during peak times, farmers are making the switch to the reliable alternative power source.

Diesel generator professionals

If you are looking for a residential, commercial, hospital or industrial backup generator for your home or business, contact Inoplex. Our professional power specialists can provide you with a backup generator that you can rely on as a power source through power outages and peak times. Call us today on 0448 307 282 or head to our page on backup generators