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What Role Does Heat Play In The CHP Inverter Generator Process?

What role does heat play in the CHP Inverter Generator process?

A big one! The role of heat is a critical success factor when it comes to cogeneration, and it is easy to underestimate the importance of thermal energy, as it is dynamic and not as easily measured as other variables. Generally, less is typically known about a building’s thermal demand profile than power, but no one wants a cogeneration plant that wastes heat (it is more common that you may realise!).

With this in mind, we thought we would put a little information together regarding thermal energy and heat recovery in cogeneration – if you have any questions regarding inverter generators, heat recovery or cogeneration, give Inoplex a call on 0448 307 282 and we can help you out.

The importance of thermal energy

We may have said heat is important, but we haven’t really said how important it is. We’ll start by looking at a few statistics.

If you consider the energy in the fuel being burnt in cogeneration:

  • 15 to 44% of gas energy is converted into the mechanical spinning of the alternator
  • 8 to 20% of the gas energy is lost as noise, vibration and/or non-captured heat
  • Balance of up to 60% is recovered as thermal energy. It’s the largest share!

If you need both heat and power, then a CHP generator is a great option… but it must be sized correctly and flexed to meet your needs!

Inverter generator heat recovery

The heat recovery process can be quite a simple process (depending on who you speak to!). The following picture is a simplified example of how heat recovery occurs in a CHP inverter generator :

Heat Recovery System for CHP

The cold water goes through the heat exchanger, cools the radiator and passes through the variable speed hot water pump and oil cooling to the engine jacket. The process creates exhaust (one form of heat) which is expelled from the exhaust heat exchanger and the rest of the heat created is added to the water being heated. This water flows through to the heat exchanger and out to be used in various ways on site. The residue heat will continue on to the radiator, and the process will commence again. Another picture to provide an explanation of how things work is :

CHP Heat Recovery System

Your friendly inverter generator professionals

If you have any questions regarding the inverter generator process, or how the heat recovery process can assist your workplace, give Inoplex a call today on on 0448 307 282 or complete an online enquiry form. We are the leading professionals when it comes to cogeneration in Australia, so give us a call now.