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What is Decentralised Power?

What is decentralised power?

Electricity – it’s something that a lot of us rely on on a daily basis and, we therefore use a lot of it. But, are you aware of how electricity works when it comes to being provided to homes and businesses? You’d be excused if you didn’t, which is why we wanted to write a little help guide in relation to centralised and decentralised power.

You may be asking what that even means – don’t worry, take a read below and give Inoplex a call on 0448 307 282 for help.

What is centralised power?

Centralised power means a couple of power plants produce a majority of the power we use. In Australia, 75% of all electricity we use is generated by 3 companies. Furthermore, most of this power is generated in centralised locations and then sent via the power grid to homes and businesses.

What is decentralised power?

Decentralised energy is electricity that is generated not on the main grid and produced nearby to where it will be utilised, instead of at a large plant elsewhere and sent through the national grid.

Why the change?

The biggest disrupter to electricity generation has been the ever-expanding world of renewable energy generation. This has allowed electricity generation in areas that we were never previously able too. In fact, it has been estimated that about 13% of our electricity usage in Australia is generated by decentralised, renewable energy sources.

Decentralised power advantages

Decentralised power has a range of benefits including:

  • Resilient power source.
  • Kinder on the environment.
  • Cheaper power with more competition.
  • More efficient – less loss of power through transmission.
  • More reliable and you’re in control.
  • Lower infrastructure costs.
  • More efficient use of resources.

Decentralised power is becoming more and more popular for rural businesses and farms, due to its availability closer to the source and lower change of brown and blackouts. This ensures our economy continues rolling too – a positive for everyone!

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