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What Approvals Are Needed For A CHP Inverter Generator

What approvals are needed for a CHP Inverter Generator?

When considering whether a CHP inverter generator is a suitable addition to your business power generation setup, the topic of approvals in one to consider. It is not as simple as just installing a new device and you will have power – you need to speak to a professional who can assist you with the best options for your circumstances. This includes size, type and approvals – you must ensure that you have the correct approvals from the appropriate people before commencing use of your inverter. If you have any questions, get in contact with Inoplex today on 0448 307 282 or complete an online enquiry form and they can assist.

Gas Approvals for a CHP Inverter Generator

When it comes to the installation of a CHP inverter generator on your property, there are two gas approvals to consider :

  • CHP Compliance, which is required against all relevant Australian standards
  • Type B approval (which is required to be customised to each unit)

In order to comply with the approvals, the following are to be included (at a minimum) :

– Safety Circuit

  • Engine Under Speed
  • High Pressure Switch
  • Lower Pressure Switch

– Proof of ventilation input (as required)

– Gas sniffer input (as required)

– Gas valve train pre-installed inside the CHP covers

– Licensed site gas fitter connects the gas pipe and signs off on his installation

Generally, 7 KPa pressure is required for an inverter generator for cogeneration, however up to 10 KPa can be necessary for poor quality biogas arrangements.

Electrical Approvals for a CHP Inverter Generator

In addition to gas approvals, there are also electrical approvals that must be complied with and obtained :

  • Certification to Australian Standards
  • Site specific single line electrical drawing
  • Power Authority Paralleling and Exporting Agreement submission using “standard” documentation
  • Certificate of Electrical Safety issued by electrical contractor

One of the major benefits when it comes to an Inoplex CHP inverter generator is that all the approvals listed above are included when an inverter generator is installed on your property! They can also arrange a full installation service, however please note, a grid stability study is excluded as it is too variable

Your knowledgeable CHP inverter generator specialists

If you have any questions regarding CHP inverter generators, approvals or are considering the conversion to cogeneration for your business, get in contact with Inoplex today on 0448 307 282 or complete an online enquiry form. We are the leading professionals when it comes to cogeneration in Australia, so give us a call now.