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Reliable clean back up power

Reliable, clean back up power

Melbourne’s recent blackouts have highlighted the need for businesses to invest in reliable, clean power alternatives. The perfect storm of conditions led to many businesses and homes losing power for hours. Soaring temperatures, scheduled power generation unit repairs, as well as two other power generators being offline for unexpected reasons, led to unmaintainable power demand.

Despite the Australian Energy Market Operator juggling energy resources and importing power from neighbouring states, even across the Tasman, and paying larger users to power down, the demand was too high. 

Power companies were forced to load shed, or cut the power, to many areas of Victoria in order to protect major electrical systems. 

How power outs affect you depend on many factors, however, if you are in business the consequences can vary from inconvenience to a major operational and financial disaster. 

If your company relies on a constant source of power, which most do, investing in alternative back up power generation options in light of the expected increases in power outs across the ageing power grid is becoming more of a necessity rather than an option.

Inoplex Cogeneration backup power options

CHP or Cogeneration offers a practical, energy efficient reliable power generation option for business, manufacturing, and farming.

With reduced installation costs compared with diesel generators, cogeneration generators are a practical choice for a range of businesses.

If your company depends on a solid supply of power every day of the year for refrigeration, heating, cooling systems, lighting, or machinery speak to our team about cogeneration today.