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Why should you install a Anaerobic baffled reactor?

Why should you install a Anaerobic baffled reactor?

The membrane anaerobic baffled reactor, or mabr, developed and manufactured in australia by inoplex is installed for a variety of compelling reasons.

There are many applications and reasons for recovering the value in waste materials and everyone has their unique reasons for being interested in the technology. What is yours? Here are some common drivers…

Looking for a Biogas Power Generation?

Inoplex are experts at biogas electricity generation. Our biogas generators are industry-leading and can create power when our competitors can’t.


Some people need electrical energy to offset the rising cost of grid power, so an Inoplex mABR style anaerobic digester will maximise the power that can be created from a particular waste stream. If you need more energy that your wastes can provide, then a Co-Digestion solution may provide the extra energy you need. Co-Digestion includes adding extra materials, especially high energy ones, to your waste to energy plant to boost its outputs.

Water Reuse

A waste to energy project using the Inoplex mABR provides a purified water supply. So if your business uses significant quantities of process or washing water, our mABR approach can reduce the amount of clean water you buy and the cost of disposing of the resulting waste water.


Your operation may alternatively have a problem with neighbors or authorities complaining about odour emissions. The mABR can quickly eliminate problem odor emissions as the sealed process traps and converts volatile odours materials into biogas for energy generation and the treated digestate is virtually odour free.

Waste Reduction

If you have to pay to freight waste off your site, then installing an Inoplex mABR can help you two ways. Firstly, it will reduce the mass of waste by up to 75% and secondly, the digested sludge is easier to de-water, so you can save money by freighting a dryer sludge with less water.

Biosolids Income. Turn an expense into a revenue

Perhaps you think that paying to dispose of biosolids is a necessary business cost. This does not need to be the case. The Inoplex mABR treatment process produces a Class A biosolids in compliance with EPA regulations, suitable for direct land application as a soil conditioner to reduce fertiliser demand. Primary produces pay for these soil conditioners, so install the mABR and swap a waste disposal cost to an ongoing income stream!

Waste Management is not your core business

If you want to focus on your core business and want your water, waste and energy to be taken care of professionally and cost effectively, then the team at Inoplex can build, own and operate the mABR Waste to Energy plant on your behalf after a suitable contract has been negotiated. We will take your sludge, sell you electrical and thermal energies and clean water for re-use. And of course, we can also apply for Government assistance that may be available, arrange to l sell the treated sludge, renewable energy certificates and carbon credits to help improve the project economics. Its that easy!

Some typical applications for this technology include:

– Dairy Farming manure and wash down effluent
– Dairy Processing milk and cheese process CIP wastes, DAF sludges and spillages
– Intensive Feed Lot Farming manure washing
– Piggery effluent and off specification feed materials
– Food and Beverage Processor washing, CIP, effluent, scraps and byproducts.
– Agricultural and Industrial processes such as bio diesel production
– Abattoir paunch, manure, washing water and rendering plant effluent
– Chicken hatchery, mortality, bedding and abattoir wastes and effluent waters

If your need and application is not listed here, please phone or email us and we will discuss your application to see if we can assist.

Makes owners businesses more money by harnessing and realizing the value in wastes they were previously typically paying to get rid of. A reoccurring liability with increasing cost every year is turned into a growing revenue steam. This is achieve through a combination of strategies that Inoplex can customise to suit your specific requirements including:

Reduce your grid power EXPENDITURE by producing your own electrical energy.

The electrical energy produced in a waste to energy project should be strategically planned managed to provide the most profitable solution for your business. The power you generate will be used to offset grid power purchases in a variety of ways including:

  • Base load, with the generator running as 24/7, it can supply a continuous amount of power to your business.
  • Load following, with the generator automatically powering up and down to meet particular needs whenever required, which suits an operation with variable power demands.
  • Time of use, in which the generator is turned on and off on an automatic time clock to reduce peak supply charges and run only to eliminate peaks substitutes the most expensive grid power.
  • Island Mode, running the generator to power specific electrical circuits while they are disconnected from the grid. This option saves the costs associated with synchronizing with the grid for a lower capital cost project.
  • Sell power to the grid. For projects where more biogas is generated than required for the site demand and the electrical utility is amenable, you may sell excess power to the grid and a relatively modest rates which provides a positive revenue stream. This Green or Renewable power can be purchased by consumers and business wanting to make their contribution towards renewable energy and a cleaner environment so there is a demand for this renewable power.
  • Sell Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, use this income to partially off-set the project investment.
  • Sell Carbon Credits for the methane generated and collected by the system, as methane is a green house gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide, and these projects safely collect and convert this gas to heat and power.

We will work with you to design and later refine a combination of these electrical strategies above that best suits your business.

Reduce your heating costs by produce your own Thermal energy from rejected heat from the electrical generator.

  • Many business use expensive heat energy sources such as electricity or LPG for their heating and this can automatically reduced with clean, reliable high grade heat from the generator.
  • Water heating to typically 90 C is available with high temperatures available upon request. This can be linked into an existing boiler system to seamlessly provide an extra heat source. This automatically reduces the other heating energy purchases paid for by your business.
  • Steam is also available for those who require it using the generator exhaust energy and/or a biogas steam boiler.
  • Additional Electrical Energy. If you do not need or value the additional heat, then an Organics Rankin Cycle generator can be fitted to act as the engine radiator and produce an extra 10 to 15% more electrical energy from the project.

Reduce your water purchases and water disposal costs such as trade waste, by generating your own purified Water for Re Use

  • The mABR treated water is filtered to 0.05 um, to produce crystal clear water suitable for many wash-down applications
  • The water can be further polished for substitution of mains water for cooling tower type applications
  • Lastly, the effluent water can also be used for irrigation or discharged to trade waste as clean water if you have no need for the water.

Sell your sludge and biosolids instead of paying others to take it away. The mABR produces high quality bio solids, compliant with EPA A class, which can be are currently are being to be sold to agricultural and consumers to reduce their fertiliser demand.

Avoid the furstraion of managing the wastes and contractors.

Focus on your core business and deploy the mABR as a convenient, no fuss, waste disposal system, managed for you if you prefer, with a positive cash flow without your attention.

Future proof energy self sufficency waste management.

Business input costs such as electricity and fuel have increases massivly over the past decade and are expected to continue to increase. There has also be great uncertertainly over the cost of pollution in terms of carbon tax and trading. You can insulate your business against these increasing and uncertain costs by installing your mABR and using this advantage in your long term viability.

Feel better about your environmental impact and EPA/environmental plans.

Installing the mABR system provides legitimate business benifits, as well as reducing your environmental impact. Your business’ carbon emmissions will be directly reduced and, in addition, you will indirectly reduce the carbon emmissions of the grid generators and transmission losses, vastly reduced transportation of sludge and biosolids – not to mention the energy savings of the water and waste water services. This is an outstanding enviromental impact, which is not very surprising as goverments in Europe encouraged 100s of such projects.

Please send us an enquiry if you would like to discuss this further.