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Components to maximise performance

Components to maximise performance

The specialist equipment offered below has been developed to maximise the energy and value recovered from a variety of wastes.

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As practitoners in this technology we have found some of the commonly used components included in anaerobic digesters do not provide an optimal overall sollution. Looking for better options we have desinged and developed some specialist equipment for use in our own high performance digesters and offer this equipment to others.


We swapped our own anaerobic digesters from conventional shell in tube to spiral heat exchangers because we require a cost effective option that provided a robust design.

These heat exchangers are well suited to simply heating the digester but excel at heat recovery applications such sludge to sludge direct heat transfer in which the digestate leaving the digester is used to pre-heat the fresh material about to enter the digester, therefore reducing the digester’s overall heating requirements.

This same sludge to sludge direct heat transfer can also be deployed in applications where the incoming feeds are pre-heated prior to digestion in a thermal cell lysis or disinfection approach. The direct sludge to sludge heat transfer is both more efficient and cost effective compared with using an intermediate transfer medium such as hot water.

Spiral heat exchangers provide high efficiency in a small footprint for the viscous sludge materials typically found in anaerobic digesters. The heat exchanger consists of a spiral groove assemblies inserted between heat transfer plates, where two paths are created for full counterflow heat transfer.

The Inoplex spiral heat exchangers provide:

– Up to 40% greater efficiency than typical shell and tube heat exchanger
– Low maintenance with the spiral flow pattern greatly reducing fouling of the heat exchanger surfaces allowing greater design flexibility.
– Highly resistant to thermal and pressure shocks.
– Compact and light weight.
– Standard construction material is SS316, with Duplex and other alloys available upon request.
– Fully bolted construction for ease of maintenance.

Standard Modules

Our standard modules has a 600 mm by 600 mm spiral with unto 20 spirals per unit. For larger heat transfer applications we have a 1200 mm by 1200 mm unit with up to 8 spirals and larger units are available upon request.

Please phone or email us with your application details and we can size up a system to suit your requirements.


– Externally heating the digester in a reliable and robust manner with minimal heat exchanger fouling and reduced maintenance.
– Pre heating digester feeds if the existing heating loop struggles to provided adequate heating.
– Thermal pasteurisation of the feed materials
– Heat recovery from digestive, digester discharge, to reduce the overall digester thermal efficiency.