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Engineering allowing biology to thrive.


Inoplex has designed and manufactures a modular membrane Anaerobic Baffled Reactor, or mABR, for converting organic waste to energy, to recover the value in organic wastes

Its high treatment efficiency, compact treatment density and purified water make the mabr a better choice for your project.

To be compact for convenient site installations, the mabr is designed to biologically break down organic wastes into biogas at high rate, generally the retention times of between 6 hours and 2 days depending the feeds, which reduces the need for extensive tankage and, uniquely, allowing the entire system to be built into shipping containers. The design provides for a wide range of deployment opportunities equally applicable to primary or supplementary organic treatment option in both rural or the more space constrained urban locations.

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What makes it so effective?

The modular approach provides cost effective manufacture and deployment while providing wide flexibility in application. Clients have the flexibility to specify the scale and treatment objectives for their project imperatives and the mABR technology can accommodate their through “a mix and match design” through the integration of supplemental containerized modules that include containerized biogas storage, flare and boiler, CHP (combined heat and power generator complete with grid connection, synchronization and grid protection devices) and water polishing to recover “fit for purpose” water.  

Simple, smart engineering provides the required environment for high performance biology that transforms the waste materials. The mABR retains very high concentrations of propriety biological sludge and the baffles within the reactor direct the water carrying the organic wastes to repeatedly pass mABR for web sitethrough this sludge for efficient digestion without elaborate mixing systems. As the water and organic material flow though the mABR in a plug flow, the first stage of the anaerobic process, acidosis, occurs at a lower pH and the subsequent methanogenic second phase naturally convert the mixture to biogas in the remainder of the digester at a neutral pH. The two stage reactor improves the stability and robustness of the digestion process making it capable of accommodating shock loads and over feeding that can severely impact more conventional digesters. The digested water is filtered through a membrane in the final stage where the microbes and sludge are fed back into the digester to recharge the system and the now clear, purified water is discharged. 

Modular membrane anaerobic baffled reactor, or mabr.