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Biogas Power Generation

Inoplex for reliable Biogas Power Generation

When you think of green energy, most people will think of solar and wind. But, if your business generates organic waste, you should definitely be considering biogas power generation. This process can run power generators, or better still, cogenerators and, much like solar and wind, once you have set your biogas power generator up you can generate electricity for a fraction of the normal cost. Not to mention, help dispose of the methane gas that is generated when organic waste breaks down! Speak to the Inoplex experts today to find out more.

Looking for a Biogas Power Generation?

Inoplex are experts at biogas electricity generation. Our biogas generators are industry-leading and can create power when our competitors can’t.

What is Biogas Power Generation?

Biogas power generation is just as its name suggests – the creation of usable energy from biogas. Biogas is a combination of gases (usually around 50-70% methane and 25-45% carbon dioxide, plus a few other small amounts of other gases) that have been created through the breakdown of organic waste (biomass) without oxygen and is classed as a renewable energy source.

How does Biogas Power Generation work?

The process itself is quite straightforward – biogas is used as fuel for a biogas engine, which can then produce electricity to be used in various ways. This therefore decreases the need for fossil fuels for energy creation. See our electricity generation from biogas page for a little more information.

Where can Biogas Power Generation be used?

Automatically starts in the event of a grid power-out or another event which leads to electricity loss. No need to worry about losing power

The obvious answer is that a biogas power generator can be used anywhere that you can create biogas. But what businesses can generate biogas?

A 500 sow, farrow-to-finish piggery has the potential to produce enough energy to power 3.1 million 100W globes for one hour, or produce electricity to run 62 houses for one year. If combusted and destroyed, it would eliminate the equivalent of the fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions from 458 Toyota Corollas travelling 20,000km/per year burning 7L/100km – Australian Pork

So if you’re looking for a Biogas Engine Manufacturer to take advantage of the biogas you’re already generating (or plan to generate), Inoplex can help. Even if you don’t already have an anaerobic digester setup, we can help point you in the right direction for your needs.

What benefits does Biogas Power Generation offer?

Our team will ensure your home generator system is large enough to cope with your electricity needs without wasting power. We’ll ensure the standby genset is large enough to cope with your complete electrical needs, from the lounge room light to the ducted air conditioning system

  • Renewable energy source.
  • Helps dispose of the methane gas that is generated when organic waste breaks down.
  • More eco-friendly than traditional energy production methods.
  • Lower electricity generation costs.
  • Lower carbon footprint.
  • Use of organic matter already present on your property.
  • Reduce overall waste amounts.
  • Reliable energy source.
  • And plenty more.

How can Inoplex assist with Biogas Power Generation?

One of the biggest issues with biogas power generation is the inconsistencies with the amount of methane produced by the anaerobic digesters. If the methane levels are too low, the generator won’t be able to operate at the required speed (if at all) to generate clean electricity. Conversely, if the methane levels are too high, the engine may run too fast.

Inoplex decouples the power generation from the engine speed using our market leading Power Electronics and Inverter Generators. This allows us to run our engines at any speed, whilst creating clean electricity. Unlike many other biogas engine manufacturers, Inoplex generators can run with methane as low as 45% right up to straight methane.

Biogas Power Generation specialists

If you would like to know more about biogas power generation and how it can assist you, contact the knowledgeable Inoplex team today on 0448 307 282 and we can discuss the use of the technology in your business now.