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Hospital Backup Generator

Hospital Backup Generator

Stable and uninterruptible power supply for hospitals

Electricity supply to hospitals is a critical component to a well-functioning system and, if it falters, this can cause major interruptions to the operations of the entire building. At Inoplex, we understand the importance of this and have therefore manufactured hospital backup generators that are well suited to the high demands and crucial significance of a consistent power supply. Speak to our technicians to find out more regarding our emergency hospital backup power supply systems today.

Reliable Hospital Backup Generation Solutions

Inoplex are experts at providing practical, cost effective electricity generation solutions for a huge range of applications across Australia.

How does a hospital backup generator work?

A hospital backup generator is an independent electricity source which sits separately to grid power. It is available should mains power blackout or falter, ensuring that electricity can continue to be provided despite the grid not working.

The basis of a backup generator is that it continuously monitors the mains power and, if it detects a cease in production, it will step in and provide power instead. Backup power supply arrangements are generally connected to the mains power, ensuring the least amount of downtime possible.

What advantages do hospital emergency generators provide?

Hospital backup generators offer a range of benefits in a variety of forms, but the main one is ensuring systems and equipment remains functioning, even when the main power goes out. This can be aspects as basic as light switches, to major surgical items to the elevators. 

Hospitals have a heavy reliance on electricity, so ensuring that disruption levels are low when grid power goes down is a main priority for backup generators. Inoplex generators are a practical option as they comfortably manage the high energy demands of hospitals, as well as other medical facilities, without major electrical downtime and overloading.

Can you rely on a hospital backup generator?

Yes, you can rely on an Inoplex emergency generator. Our hospital generators are a consistent and dependable power source and manufactured with quality parts. This allows them to run both whilst the grid is functioning, as well as when a blackout has occurred, ensuring that hospitals can continue running without interference.

What can Inoplex offer when it comes to hospital backup power?

There are a range of advantages offered by Inoplex hospital backup generators that can benefit a huge range of people, including both patients and staff, such as:

  • Our backup generators are designed to run for around 8,760 hours per year.
  • They will automatically commence when grid power is down after a blackout period.
  • They can utilise a variety of fuel options including natural gas, LPG and diesel.
  • Our generators are simple to maintain and a specialist is not required.
  • They provide load management as and when needed and produce electricity when you need it, altering the output as required.

Inoplex backup generators run when mains power is working and when it is down, providing constant energy as an uninterrupted power supply. The sizing of your backup generator can be customised to suit the requirements of your hospital electrical system, as every set of needs differs, ensuring power needs are met at all times.

Knowledgeable hospital backup power specialists

If you would like some further information in relation to the backup generators that Inoplex can offer to hospitals and medical facilities, give us a call on 0448 307 282 or complete our backup generator quote request form today.