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Gas Generator

Gas Generator

If you are looking for a clean, reliable gas back up generator, you’ve come to the right place.

Reliable gas powered generator Australia

Choosing a gas generator for a reliable source of backup power for your home or business offers a huge range of benefits from continuous electricity supply for as long as you need it.

Gas generators emissions are cleaner compared to diesel powered generators. Inoplex offer custom gas powered generator solutions, utilising natural gas or biogas, for a huge range of power requirements across Australia. 

Never be left without power again, speak to the team at Inoplex about a tailored gas generator for your property or business today.

Cost Effective Backup
Generation Solutions.

Inoplex are experts at providing practical, cost effective electricity generation solutions
for a huge range of applications across Australia.

Benefits of natural gas generators

Installing a natural gas generator as a standby power system provides insurance against things like stock loss, production disruptions, and essential system failure during periods of mains grid electricity supply disruption. The benefits don’t stop there:

  • Natural gas generators remove the need to store large supplies of fuel such as diesel or petrol on your property. 
  • There’s no waiting for fuel deliveries – especially during extreme weather events or periods of extended power loss. 
  • Using gas avoids the issues associated with the limited shelf life of other fuel choices such as diesel. 
  • You only pay for the fuel you use – rather than needing to invest in a store of fuel which may or may not be used.
  • You’ll very rarely run out of fuel – this means the gas generator can run for as long as you need it, for only an hour, over a week or even longer. The underground nature of the natural gas supply systems means it’s protected from events which can affect the above ground electricity supply like storms, fallen trees, and traffic accidents. 
  • Inoplex gas generators offer lower installation and ongoing operating expenses – lower maintenance costs (minimal to no specialist maintenance required) than other brands and fewer routine fuel maintenance issues (compared with a diesel equivalent). Inoplex generators are designed to enable customers to easily source spare parts and allow local mechanical repairs and maintenance where needed.
  • Scaleable – Inoplex offer the option of connecting several gas gensets together to meet your electricity requirements.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions compared to diesel generators.

Inoplex gas back up generators

Inoplex gas back up generators can be set to start automatically, as soon as a power out is detected (or after a set time) providing reliable power protection for things like refrigerated stock, essential air conditioning systems, emergency lighting, electric hot water, and security systems regardless of where you are.

The unit can be set to power your whole home or business or just select circuits. It can be customised for any size power needs offering cost efficient backup power production. Load management allows for flexibility in power use, moderating electricity production throughout peak and off peak periods.

Biogas generators

Fueling your generator using eco-friendly biogas offers an alternative for customers without access to the mains natural gas system. Biogas generators are the ultimate in green energy, producing clean electricity from often readily available organic matter such as industrial or agricultural waste, landfill, sludge from wastewater treatment, or energy crops. 

Biogas fueled generators have been used effectively in a huge range of applications, from rural to remote. 

Your local custom gas generator specialists

The experienced team at Inoplex can offer professional advice on the style of backup generator which would suit your needs, as well as designing the complete unit, installing the generator, and providing maintenance recommendations to protect your investment.

Contact Inoplex at 0448 307 282 or complete our gas generator enquiry form today.